Not To Be Trusted With Knives

After going weeks and weeks without seeing movies, I saw two new releases in the last few days. And here are my reviews:

Live Free or Die Hard

Great movie that could only have been made better by that ignorant moron NOT bringing their crying baby to the theatre. Who does that??


I never actually watched the cartoon when I was a kid, but I did play with my friend’s brother’s Transformers whenever I got the chance. I mean, they were cars or trucks, but then they transformed into robots! Who wouldn’t love that? So I was excited to see this movie! And it met all my expectations – great music, lots of stuff blew up, there was robots fighting and transforming and transforming while fighting. And the main army dude and the lead character1 were both hot. Well worth the price of admission. P.S., I ❤ Bumblebee!

1While looking up the links for these two characters, I noticed that one of the other characters was named “Jorge Fig”… as in “Jorge Fig.” wtf?

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