Not To Be Trusted With Knives

{October 31, 2006}   Longest. Post. Ever.

This past week has been hellava busy. So this is going to be a hellava long blog posting. But I promise that it will be full of pics and debachery, so I think that’s a fair deal, yes?

On Tuesday I saw Sloan at the Commodore. Sloan was wicked good live… and I enjoyed the opening band, the Yoko Casionos, especially this one song that I believe was called “Loose Cannon.” I’d never been to the Commodore before, so it was pretty cool to finally go there. Wednesday was Aggie BBQ, as well as Ladies Night with some friends. Every Wednesday the Aggies make a big dinner, but this past week’s was the best – Indian food! Plus a wine tasting, where we learned about, and then got to taste, a Quail’s Gate Botrytis* affected late harvest riesling. Then it was off to Cafe Crepe, where the drinks are cheap, for some pre-drinking before we headed out to the Caprice.

The premises of Ladies Night were as follows: (a) no boys, (b) everyone wears a little black dress… as evidenced by this photo, taken in Cafe Crepe just before we took our tequila shots. And no, everyone in Cafe Crepe wasn’t staring at us**, why do you ask?

And here is a photo of all of our shoes***. Mine are the boots & the fishnet stockings. Yes, fishnet stockings.

And here’s a photo of me & my roommate, Danielle. We are bringing sexy back.

Thursday marked the beginning of Halloween week with pumpkin carving at Ag Sci****. In preparation for the big Aggie Halloween bzzr garden*****, a bunch of people got together to carve pumpkins to decorate Ag Sci. And this is a photo of me, playing in a big pile of pumpkin goo. Mmmm, pumpkin goo.

Now, I can’t even remember the last time I carved a pumpkin, but I have such fond memories of doing so during my childhood. Every year my dad would take my sister, Nancy, and I to the pumpkin patch and we’d each get to choose a pumpkin. Nancy would always search through the pumpkins for the smallest, roundest, most perfect little pumpkin she could find, whereas I would always choose the biggest one I could find. And then, as now, I was a tiny little kid, so the pumpkin usually ended up being close to the same size as me. This year, I decided to buck tradition and chose the smallest, roundest, most perfect little pumpkin that they had. And this is what I carved:

I think this Aggie bull is my favourite of the pumpkins that were carved that night:

And the next day (Friday) was the big Aggie Halloween bzzr garden:

And it was morphinomenal, thanks to appearances by the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers:

Other examples of those present at the party were: various women in uniform:

… a hobbit, V for Vendetta, and some bloody ax murderer character

… a dude in a plastic fro and Bob Ross******

… and even Che Guevara*******

And me? I was Lara Croft.

One of the coolest things about Halloween parties is that you always have an opening line to walk up to complete strangers and start talking. Like, “hey there, Indiana Jones, we are both archaeologists!” and “Hey there, why are there two popes? Is this some sort of schism?”

Oh yes, and did I mention that Aggie Halloween bzzr gardens feature a mechanical bull?

Before you ride the mechanical bull, they make you sign a waiver, so that if you get injured or die, you or your heirs can’t sue them. The thing is, pretty much everyone at a bzzr garden has been, well, drinking bzzr. I distinctly remember having a conversation about this with the person in front of me in the line up to ride the bull – I mean, how can you possibly sign away your right to sue when you are under the influence, right? So, in my wisdom that the waiver probably wouldn’t hold up anyway, I decided to sign my waiver “Lara Croft.” And they didn’t even notice.

Now you may have heard rumors that, later on in the night, when I was drunk enough to knock over a giant speaker, I answered the challenge of “Matt says he will ride the bull naked if someone will ride it topless.” I can assure you that such rumors are completely baseless.

Oh ya, and the police showed up and confiscated our hard alcohol, just because we didn’t have a license for it. When they first got there, people were going up to the cops and slurring, “hey man, cool costumes!” That probably didn’t set a very good tone. The cops didn’t look too happy at any rate.

In the end, I managed to find my way home on the bus and fall into a completely unrefreshing drunk sleep, wherein I wake up every half hour or so, certain that I am about to die of dehydration, manage to gulp down large quantities of water that I can actually feel enter each and every one of the trillion or so shrivelled little dehydrated cells in my body. And then, since I had promised I would, I actually got up in the morning and went all the way downtown to the Pan-Canadian National Day of Action march & rally against war, despite my ridiculous hangover! My hangover was so ridiculous, in fact, that I was still hung over by the time I got to the next Halloween party, at around 8 pm Saturday night. This party was a house party, featuring such noble traditions as the keg stand********:

I should have known that this would be a crazy party when the first thing I saw after I walked in the door was this:

Now, seeing as I was still hungover, I decided to take it easy (translation: no keg stands for me). And so I merely entertained myself with shooting people. Since I had lost one of my guns the previously night, I had to use a backup gun, the silver one shown here:

Also shown in the above picture above is Deanna, who is going to be my assistant coach when I become the coach of the Canucks. We have a foolproof coaching strategy to motivate the players.

A highlight of the night for me was when my friend Laura (the candy corn witch) and her friend, Little Andrew (Disco Stu), treated us to a performance of Jack Johnson and Radiohead songs. The two of them have amazing voices and it was just beautiful to listen to.

Here’s a picture of Laura’s friend, Geoff, listening to the music. Geoff has sponges stapled to his shirt – his costume was “self absorbed.”

So, that, my friends, is how I spent Halloween weekend. And I will leave you with one last photo: it’s me as kick-ass Lara Croft, standing on a table, with a sponge in my utility belt.

*Botrytis is a fungus that they put on the grapes, which apparently puts holes in the grapes, causing water to evaporate from them, concentrating the sugar and making the wine sweet. Mmmm, fungus.

**this was to be expected, as Cafe Crepe is on campus, so everyone else in the restaurant was wearing jeans and hoodies.

*** You may recall that I have a slight obsession with footwear.

****For the uninitiated, “Ag Sci” refers the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, of which my program (Nutrition) is a part. More correctly, it is the Faculty formerly known as the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, as they changed their name recently to the Faculty of Land & Food Systems (*cough* stupid *cough*). But old habits die hard, so we usually refer to the Faculty, the building in which the Faculty (other than the Nutrition & Food Science programs) is housed and the people within the Faculty as “Ag Sci.”

*****There is this strange rule at UBC that you aren’t allowed to advertise the availability of alcohol at events on campus, so Beer Gardens at UBC are called “Bzzr Gardens” instead (except the Pride beer gardens, which are usually called “Bqqr Gardens”).

******Bob Ross is my friend Dave B. He told me that I had nice guns. When Sharon started laughing at this, he innocently said, “That’s not what I meant.. I was trying to say something not dirty!”

*******My friend Jamie informed Che that it was highly unlikely that Che would wear a T-shirt with a picture of Che on it

********I friggin’ love that the picture of the keg stand on Urban Dictionary is a BRIDE doing a keg stand. That rocks.


{October 24, 2006}  

Once upon a time, I defended a Ph.D. And at that time, some wicked cool awesome people gave me some money to buy myself a digital camera in celebration of said defence. Well, I’ve finally gotten off my butt, done some research and figured out which digicam I wanted. And I bought it on the internets, which was actually cheaper than buying it in a nonline store. Isn’t it beautiful?

And here is the first photo that I took with my new camera*:

Note: I’m still waiting on the high speed memory card that I ordered to go with the camera, so there is a bit of a delay between the time I press the button and the time at which the camera actually takes the picture. Just enough time that one’s roommate might lift her cup of tea up in front of her face, for example.

In other news, I’ve surpassed the 10,000 hit mark on my blog! Now, I know that some of you hit the 10,000 marks AGES ago. Some get 10,000 hits a day. But I’m still happy with my 10,000+ hits and I thought I’d give a shoutout to the lurkers who read my blog but never comment** and to the randoms who stumble onto this blog accidentally… those people who I only know come around here thanks to my trusty StatCounter. Like the person from Nice, France who was googling for “sarah mautalen”… I’m sorry you wasted 24 seconds on my blog, I don’t know who Sarah Mautalen is. To the chap from merry old England who googled “Oilers gong show” – I couldn’t agree more***. And to the person from Nanaimo, BC who was googling “picutres of Leanne Domi,” – yes, she does, in fact, look like Belinda Stronach’s twin… glad I could be of some assistance in your search. To the individual in Switzerland who googled “shoes destroy” – I just don’t even know what to say to you! And to the person from Surrey, BC who wants to know if Taylor Pyatt is married…. he is. He’s married to me and I am having his babies – so back off!

And, finally, I have been remiss!! It is now October 24th and I haven’t yet posted a birthday wish to Therese! And her birthday was October 22nd!! I suck!!! Fortunately, she was off galvanting in England, so hopefully did not notice my remiss-ness. So now, I offer you 30 birthday wishes:

Happy Birthday, Therese!
Happy Birthday, Therese!

Happy Birthday, Therese!
Happy Birthday, Therese!

Happy Birthday, Therese!
Happy Birthday, Therese!

Happy Birthday, Therese!
Happy Birthday, Therese!

Happy Birthday, Therese!
Happy Birthday, Therese!

Happy Birthday, Therese!
Happy Birthday, Therese!

Happy Birthday, Therese!
Happy Birthday, Therese!

Happy Birthday, Therese!
Happy Birthday, Therese!

Happy Birthday, Therese!
Happy Birthday, Therese!

Happy Birthday, Therese!
Happy Birthday, Therese!

Happy Birthday, Therese!
Happy Birthday, Therese!

Happy Birthday, Therese!
Happy Birthday, Therese!

Happy Birthday, Therese!
Happy Birthday, Therese!

Happy Birthday, Therese!
Happy Birthday, Therese!

Happy Birthday, Therese!
Happy Birthday, Therese!

Yay! It was Therese’s Birthday!

Hope you had a great day, EZ-T!

*The popping of my camera’s cherry, if you will.

**You should comment, dammit! All the cool kids are doing it!

***Unless you had googled “Calgary Flames gong show”… then I could agree more!

{October 18, 2006}   Suddenly Busy

I’ve gone from having zero plans (and we are talking “hey-Beth-
I’ll-figure-it-out-when-I-get-up-in-the-morning” zero plans) to having one Bikram yoga outing, two (or maybe three) shopping trips, two clubbing nights (one going away party and one Ladies Night), two Halloween parties and a concert in the next 10 days.

What’s up with that?

{October 18, 2006}   I think I need an intervention…

I think that, perhaps, I may be addicted to the internet. Evidence to support this hypothesis includes that I have:

  • 8 email address. That I check daily. Did I say daily? I meant, hourly
  • 3 blogs that I post to on a (semi)regular basis
  • friends that I only know in an online environment
  • sold a copy of my thesis on ebay
  • 4 different ways of being instant messaged, 3 of which are online virtually 24/7
  • my CV and teaching portfolio and family’s Christmas wish list available on the web
  • maps on Frappr, photos on Fotki and Flickr and Facebook, and profiles on more than one social networking system (see my Facebook badge, which I’ve added to the sidebar of my blog)
  • hell, even when I do something nonline, like running, it somehow ends up being web-related, like when I

And speaking of Facebook, I was goofing around on there and discovered that Fire Hydrant was a recent addition to this great procrastination device. Fire Hydrant is somewhat of a legend on campus at UBC, having actually run in several elections. So I added Fire Hydrant as one of my friends:

I think the “Details” of the relationship between Fire Hydrant and I (as listed on Facebook) are particularly amusing.

{October 17, 2006}   Ten Things

1. I’ve found a new love. His name is Taylor Pyatt and I’ve got his number*. He scored last night and I predict he will be scoring a lot in the future. He looks a little goofy in the photo on the Canucks website, but this is what he really looks like:

Look at those beautiful eyes. When I have his babies (as is my custom with Canucks whose on-ice performance pleases me), those babies will have hellava beautiful eyes. Come to mama, Taylor, come to mama.

2. I saw a real live cougar at the gym today. Prowling around amongst free weights, stalking the the muscle-bound boys like a lion stalks gazelle through the African savanna. Leathery skin. Leopard print spandex shorts**. Hoop earrings and 4 or 5 necklaces. Who the hell wears jewellery to workout? Cougars, that’s who.

3. Speaking of the gym… I know that Lucas, the “fitness specialist” who oriented me to the gym, is only being so friendly because he’s trying to get me to sign up for a real membership once my free 2-week membership is over, but it doesn’t stop me from liking how friendly and chatty he is with me. It’s not like I can’t see through the fact that they have the cute boys orient the new female gym patrons (and, I’m sure, they have the cute girls orient the new male gym patrons***)… in fact, I predicted that he would be totally cute even before I went. But I still like it.

3. I spent the evening sorting through photos, newspaper clippings, concert & movie tickets, and various other paraphernalia that needs to be put into scrapbooks. I haven’t put a single thing in a scrapbook for over 6 years, so you can imagine the piles of papers that I have sitting around my living room floor right now****. I’ve even had to email people to figure out when some of the photos were taken*****.

4. I have noted, from going through these six-plus years worth of photos, that I have an inordinate number of photos of people at the Naam.

5. I enjoyed my 5K run so much that I think I’m going to run a 10K. In fact, think I will run this 10K.

6. I’m going to a Halloween beer garden, but I don’t know what I should dress up as. Any ideas for a costume for me?

7. I bought this coffee, which was on sale at Stong’s. It’s a fair-trade, organic coffee from Bolivia called Café La Paz and it is wicked awesome good.

8. If you worked at Aeroplan and you received a letter, with supporting documentation, from someone who wanted their name changed and wanted “Dr.” to appear on their Aeroplan card, but they didn’t even remember to put their Aeroplan account number in the letter, would you think they were an airhead?

9. I haven’t been to a wedding since Sarah & Dave got married back in 2004, but I’m invited to two weddings next year******. And for a little while I was worried they would both be on the same weekend, but they are, in fact, on back-to-back weekends. Which will be perfect if I have actually gotten a job and moved away by then, as I will be able to make one trip to Vancouver for both weddings.

10. Is it wrong for a nutritional scientist to be eating toaster waffles at 1 in the morning? They have flax seeds in them, so that should count for something, right?

*His number is 9. Which is the same number as I have on my ball hockey jersey.

**I’m not making this up. She honest-to-goodness was wearing freakin’ leopard print spandex shorts!

***Which, of course, is rather heterocentric of them.

***Which, I am sure, is in no way annoying to my roommate or her best friend who is visiting this week. Yes, that’s right, there are three girls staying in a one bedroom apartment. Most surprisingly, it totally works for us. Thank goodness that we are all very, very easy going.

****I’m sure my friends won’t find it strange at all to receive emails that say “hey Tom, when the hell were you here?” and “hey Kaede, what year did you spend Christmas with me?”

******Shalu & Deepak and Erika & Paul. Yay for cool people who are getting married to cool people!

{October 16, 2006}  

I just stumbled across this posting which I wrote waaaay back in February, but which I, apparently, never got around to posting.

I know that I often bitch about UBC, but there really are some super cool things going on here. I was thinking about this not too long ago when I went to the lecture given by Stephen Lewis. The Speaker Series is run by two profs — David Ng from Advanced Molecular Biology Lab and Allen Sens from the Department of Political Science and the International Relations Program. I don’t know Allen Sens, but I took a molecular biology class taught by David and have worked with him on other things as well, and he’s a pretty cool guy. He has big ideas about things he can do to make UBC a better place to work and learn. And he doesn’t just talk — he really makes things happen! And I’ve heard the same thing said about Dr. Sens. Anyway, as I watched David & Allen Sens talk about this Speaker Series before Stephen Lewis talk, specifically about their interest in getting the arts and the sciences to actually work together on things, it reminded me that there are lots good people at UBC doing lots of good things. And while I may bitch about administrative decisions or the endless bureaucracy, I really should keep in mind that there are some cool people doing cool things here.

Here’s one example of something that I think is really cool:

A group of physicists at UBC wrote out the letters “UBC” in carbon monoxide molecules. That’s right, those yellow things in the photo are molecules of carbon monoxide! Each letter is only 2 nanometers wide. I think that is friggin’ cool.

Wow. I can’t believe I just wrote a post where I didn’t complain about something. I promise to get back to my regularly scheduled flippancy in my next offering.

{October 13, 2006}   Deep Thoughts

I’m glad that there is a “ladies only” section at the gym. Because most of the women go there and then I end up being the only female in a room full of ripped men. Silly women, don’t you know that all the hot boys are out here??

… because mine, apparently, defies gravity. And it sort of looks like chocolate fudge. But it tasted OK, if you mixed it into the mashed potatoes really well.

On the plus side, the rest of the food in my vegetarian Thanksgiving feast turned out well. Here you can see the Harvard beets*, cranberry sauce, stuffing, baked squash and, of course, the killer gravy. Not shown here: the mashed potatoes, asparagus, broccoli, peppers, Yorkshire pudding and the piece de resistance, the portobella mushrooms with spinach and brie…

… all served up by me, doing my best impression of a 1950s housewife.

And here are all the guests, except one… who was taking this photo.

Photographer Kalev is shown here, plotting to take over the postal stations of Germany. Don’t ask.

Closer to the end of the night, my roommate showed up, having been at a different Thanksgiving feast. Despite what this picture may lead you to believe, she was not actually drinking.

And a great time was had by all! So, in conclusion, the vegetarian Thanksgiving, much like the 1/2 birthday, is highly recommended!

*I like cooking beets because you end up with a kitchen that is covered in red splatters and a big knife dripping red – very good for a pre-Halloween decor.

{October 9, 2006}   Being Thankful

Today is Thanksgiving Day up here in Canada. 2006 has not been a very kind year to me*, but, as previously discussed, whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and I’m feeling stronger, better and happier than I have in a long, long time**. And I know that I have many things to be thankful for. Some of these things, in no particular order, include:

  • peanut butter: the kind with no salt, no sugar, no icky trans fats… just squished up peanuts. On an English muffin, this is my go-to breakfast.
  • the mountains, the ocean: I living in Vancouver!
  • the Canucks: we have a goalie. We have the twins. ’nuff said.
  • running: I admit it – I’ve become addicted to running. Listening to my iPod, getting into my groove and just pounding out all the stress with each step. And each week, seeing how much I’ve progressed – I can run that little bit further, that little bit faster. It rocks.
  • Groove Coverage: I discoved this band pretty much by accident, but I can’t get enough of them.
  • my niece: I love this kid so much. She’s like a ray of sunshine in my life. She has her mom’s fiery attitude and stubborness*** and her dad’s showmanship and sense of comedy. And her aunt’s shoe obssesion. Anytime I am feeling blue, I can think of her and it makes me smile.
  • my friends: I can’t even begin to express how grateful I am to all my friends, who have been so very wonderful to me always, but especially in helping me through the last year. Patiently listening to me when I needed to vent, challenging me when I needed someone to keep me from caving and entertaining me when I needed a distraction from all the stress and worry. Please know that I love you all.
  • my roommate: of course, she is also included in the above “my friends” category, but I have to say that my roommate is wicked cool. She let me sublet her place for the summer at a moment’s notice and not only has let me continue to stay here after she got back, but is actually *happy* to have me stay here. And she lets me know it all the time.
  • Canada: it has its faults, to be sure. But I’m proud to live in a country where any two people who are in love can marry each other, regardless of their gender, and where, if I get sick, I know I can go to the hospital. A country that is generally known for being peaceful and tolerant. And we have Timmy Ho’s***. And poutine. And ketchup-flavoured potato chips.
  • cats that act like dogs: I used to be exclusively a dog person, but I have come to appreciate those cats that act like dogs. Like these cats. And my sister’s cat, Rhino. And even, though she doesn’t act like a dog, my sister’s other cat, Monkey… she acts like a bitch, but deep down, it’s just because she’s insecure.
  • dogs: I do miss Inti, the dog that used to live upstairs from me at my old place, but fortunatley there are dogs everywhere in this city and they are, for the most part, more than happy to let you pet them.
  • Jäger bombs: Jäg and Red Bull, together at last.

There are, no doubt, many more things for which I am thankful, but right now I think I should head to bed. I’m making a vegetarian Thanksgiving feast tomorrow, so I need my rest!

*and to be honest, 2005 wasn’t much of a peach either.

**and this despite having no job and thus, having to live quite frugally!

***and I mean that in a good way!

****although Timmy’s is owned by an American corporation. But let’s just not talk about that, OK?

{October 8, 2006}   Instant Fame (TM)

The astute among you will have noticed that, according to my profile*, I am a model. Further evidence of my modeling career was provided in this entry. But you no longer need to take my word for it – check me out on And according to’s policies, I have now received Instant FameTM. w00t!

*You will also have noticed that I’m a social engineer. In which case, I’m surprized you are still talking to me.

{October 6, 2006}   The Magic Bullet

Apparently I wasn’t the only one who noticed that this blender shares it’s name with a somewhat different product.


My roommate has this blender and it works wicked awesome! The other product, however, I cannot vouch for.

PM’s hockey loyalties questioned after Leafs goal

Stephen Harper cheered after a Leafs goal last night. But he refuses to confirm that he is a Leafs fan. So, not only is he a dickhead based on the scientifically-proven fact that all Leafs fans are dickheads*, but he’s also too big a coward to admit his loyalties. Imagine that, Stephen Harper concealing something from the media… so much for “transparency”….

In other hockey news, I’m currently the leader in my hockey pool! I just had to point that out now because there has only been one night of the season so far and it’s probably all downhill from here.

*present company excluded, of course

{October 3, 2006}   A Completely Uneventful Weekend

My back is aching. As are my neck* and my legs. I also have a headache. Perhaps it was the 5K I ran yesterday. Or the ball hockey game that followed the run. Or the night of drinking $2 Coronas** and dancing. I feel like I’ve been in a car accident. Oh, wait, maybe it was the accident I was in yesterday on the way to the 5K… OK wait, I seem to be getting ahead of myself. Let’s begin at the beginning.

Thursday night found me at the MA defence party of a person I didn’t even know***. And I ran into a girl I know who I had last seen at a different Master’s defence party. Appparently the two of us just travel around Vancouver, celebrating defences. Friday consisted of a 6K jog (my last run before my 5K race), lunch with a friend, consignment store shopping****, a game of ultimate, and then dinner and drinks.

Saturday involved a sushi dinner and tickets to the Canucks game! It was the last pre-season game and it was great… up until they lost in OT. Which, coincidentally, was what happened the last time I went to a Canucks game. As is my custom, I offered my “willing womb to various Canucks as their on-ice performance dictated.” Specifically, after Daniel Sedin scored his second goal, I decided that I would, in fact, sleep with him if he scored a hat trick. And if his twin, Henrik, who had assists on Daniel‘s two goals, got the assist on this much-needed third goal, I’d sleep with him too. And that’s saying a lot, since you know how I feel about the Sedin twins! Naslund also had assists on the first two goals, but I decided I didn’t need him to get a third assist to make him sleep-with worthy*****. I think if Daniel had been made aware of my offer, he would have tried harder to score a third goal. The game was tied 2-2 at the end of regulation time, and the stupid Edmonton Oilers scored in OT to win the game. On the plus side, I was quite impressed with the play of the back up goalie, Flaherty******, so hopefully having two solid goaltenders bodes well for the season.

Sunday started off with a bang… literally. I was on the bus on my way downtown to the Run for the Cure… I’m sitting there, reading my book and minding my own business when I hear some of the other bus passengers scream and then there’s a nasty crunching noise and the whole bus shudders. We were going along W. 4th Ave, headed through the green light and this car came barrelling along Burrard St., missing not only the RED LIGHT, but also apparently not noticing the BUS! How exactly you can not notice a bus is beyond me. According to the bus driver, the car was doing at least 80 km/hr… just booking it along the street and slammed right into us. And then a car that was driving parallel to the bus crashed into the first car and the bus as well. The whole thing was totally strange and not at all a good way to start the day! We had to wait *forever* for another bus to come along, as the 4 ambulances, 5 police cars and 2 fire trucks******* had blocked off the intersection and didn’t let anyone through for quite some time.

Once we finally got on the next bus, people were all taking about the accident and someone said that it was a Porshe that had run the light. I hadn’t actually looked at the car (I was more looking at the driver, who was bleeding rather profusely from the head). I even told a few people that the bus I was on had been hit by a Porshe, based on what the other bus passengers had said. As you can see from the photo, it was most definitely *not* a Porshe that hit us! I think this just goes to show you how reliable eyewitness evidence can be!

These photos really don’t do justice to the amount of damage that was done to the car… but they are better than no photos.

Despite the delay, since I had taken an earlier bus than I needed to, just in case there were any troubles with the bus, I managed to arrive in plenty of time for the Run for the Cure! First of all, I want to thank everyone who sponsored me in this run — it really meant a lot to me and the money is going to a very important cause! And thanks to everyone who sent me supportive good luck wishes and to Jason who came out to support me in person********, and to all my friends who also ran the run at various locations around the country. This was the first “race” I’ve been in since elementary school and I was surprised by how fun it was. I think I may be becoming addicted to running, as I’m now seriously contemplating a 10K and the idea of a half marathon now seems only slightly crazy to me. I finished the 5K in 27 minutes, which was faster than I thought I would be. After the run, it was a quick brekkie of Eggs Benny at the Templeton and then I had to run off to play ball hockey at UBC. Ball hockey involves a lot of running around and makes you tired even if you haven’t just run at 5K. Especially if you haven’t played ball hockey since last March! I’m pretty sure the sore back is ball hockey-related.

Then, as if that all weren’t exhausting enough (and as if I hadn’t already stayed up late on Saturday night), it was home for a shower, a load of laundry and then back to UBC for an Aggie trip to Roosters! Roosters, for the uninitiated, is a country bar in Pitt Meadows. Yes, you heard that correctly… a country bar. Now, I may never have mentioned this here before, but I dislike country music*********. But copious amounts of pre-drinking before we left (and on the bus on the way there**********) and the fact that Aggies are fun people made the country music palatable. Danceable even. They even played a few non-country songs and the band did a country-fied version of Blister in the Sun. Weirdness! There were some nice episodes of puking on oneself which left people in various states of undress (… I am pleased to report that I was *not* one of the pukers). We got back to UBC around 2:30ish*********** and crashed on the couches in the Ag Sci building. It was rather strange waking up at 9 am in a room where there are a bunch of hung over people sleeping on couches and then a bunch of students studying at the tables. But you only live once, right?

OK, so I feel like that was a lot of yammering on my part, and like I should somehow wrap this extra long posting up with some poignant observation. But since I have no poignant observations to make, I offer you this: Kalev and I watched Anacondas tonight and I’m thinking that my new blog title could be “I love science, but I love money even more!” With writing like that, I don’t see how the Academy overlooked this movie.

*can anyone say “A.R.M.”?

**not to mention the pre-drinking before we left.

***Fortunately, he turned out to be a super nice person, so I was happy to be celebrating his success.

****where I managed to score a lululemon tank for for $10 and an Armani Exchange top for $5. Go me!

*****In fact, I believe my exact words were, “I’d sleep with him even if he didn’t get a single point all season!”

******They had given Luongo the night off and Flaherty a chance to play.

*******It seemed like a bit of overkill, since the only one who was even remotely injured was the driver of the car who ran the light.

********and who missed actually seeing me cross the finish line and so doesn’t believe I actually ran the race.

*********Johnny Cash excluded, of course.

**********To my credit I did not take a hit on the beer bong… because I am a responsible adult, right?

***********At least, I think that’s what time it was. My time telling skills may have been lacking, given my state of inebriation.

{October 2, 2006}   Happy Birthday to Sarah!

Exactly one year ago, I posted a birthday wish to Sarah*. Funnily enough, she decided to have her birthday on October 2nd again, for the 29th year running. Sarah’s not very original when it comes to picking a day celebrate the anniversary of her birth. So here I am saying once again:


If you don’t know Sarah, it sucks to be you, ‘cuz Sarah rocks. Sarah is one of the most generous and caring people you will ever meet. She is a fiercely loyal friend, has an intellect to be reckoned with and a wicked sense of humour, and she will kick your ass at trivia (I don’t care who you are. She will). Sarah, being quite the travel bug, is currently on a boat somewhere. Or perhaps she’s actually in port somewhere right now, having all sorts of international adventures. Me, being the absentminded** person that I am, can’t remember where exactly she is.

Here is the most recent photo*** I have of Sarah and I, taken when she was here in August. We are at the Aquarium at Stanley Park with her friends Deepa & David, who were in Vancouver on a house hunting trip, as they moved here in September.

*This was back when I apologize for being “off topic” on my blog. ha ha ha!
**not to mention slightly hung over. Oops, did I say that out loud?
**There are more recent photos of us, taken on the day of my defence, but I don’t have them =(

et cetera