Not To Be Trusted With Knives

Here’s a summary, for those of you who would like links to all my BC Premieral goodness in one handy-dandy location.

BC Premiers:

1st John Foster McCreight
2nd Amor De Cosmos
3rd George Anthony Walkem
4th Andrew Charles Elliot
5th Robert Beaven
6th William Smithe
7th Alexander Edmund Batson Davie
8th John Robson
9th Theodore Davie
10th John Herbert Turner
11th Charles Augustus Semlin
12th Joseph Martin
13th James Dunsmuir
14th Edward Gawler Prior
15th Richard McBride
16th William John Bowser
17th Harlan Carey Brewster
18th John Oliver
19th John Duncan MacLean
20th Simon Fraser Tolmie
21st Thomas Dufferin Pattullo
22nd John Hart
23rd Byron Ingemar Johnson
24th William Andrew Cecil Bennett
25th David Barrett
26th William Richards Bennett
27th Wilhelmus Nicholaas Theodore Marie Vander Zalm
28th Rita Margaret Johnston
29th Michael Franklin Harcourt
30th Glen David Clark
31st Arthur Daniel Miller
32nd Ujjal Singh Dosanjh
33rd Gordon Muir Campbell

[…] the series last week due to my attendance at the pig party, this week’s installment of my BC Premierial series brings us the 10th Premier of the Province of British Columbia: John Herbert […]

[…]   My Best Excuse Yet So, Sunday is the day that I’m supposed to write my entry in my BC Premier series1.  And I know you are dying to hear about all the high jinks2 that Charles Augustus Semlin, the […]

[…] speaking of being insanely busy, I’ve decided to prorogue my BC Premiers series until after the end of the semester.  Writing the BC Premier series postings, which I usually do […]

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