Not To Be Trusted With Knives

It seems that every time I go to Ontario, I come back with the plague.  On the day of the pig party, my sister was totally wiped out by a nasty, nasty cold.  Like, so sick that she went to bed immediately after everyone left (about 5:30 p.m.) and slept through ’til the next morning.

Now I appear to have come down with the same thing.  Sore throat1, headache, runny nose, achy sinuses. My apologies to all the people on the bus yesterday when I had a sneezing fit.

So, since I’m not capable of writing anything coherent today, I give you this video: How Hockey Sticks Are Made:

I hadn’t realized how much of the process was done by hand.

1though not as bas as the sore throat I had last month.


My throat hurts like a mofo.  I was fine yesterday, but I woke up feeling like someone had taken sandpaper to my throat.

I drank water. I drank tea. I drank more water.

I even choked down some dreaded Buckley’s Mixture.

I continued to drink water. I played a hockey game1. And I sucked on throat lozenges.  And, as I type this, I’m drinking Shopper’s Drug Mart brand Neo Citran2.

And yet my throat still hurts.

And so I shall not be writing about the next BC Primer like I should be on a Sunday3. I am going to bed!

Today’s excuse has been brought to you by “my throat hurts!!!”

1Not that I expected this to help my throat, I’m just putting it out there.
2The name of this product is actually “Hot Lemon Relief.” Which makes me laugh for some reason.
3I know, you are totally shocked that I’m being derelict in blogging about Premier duties.

Image credit: Posted by Dana Robinson on Flickr under a Creative Commons license.  While searching for a CC licensed photo online, I saw this ad. And given the title of this blog posting, this was that much funnier.

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