Not To Be Trusted With Knives

Every once in a while, I get this crazy idea that I should blog every single day. Here is a summary of my daily blog streaks thus far:

Start of 1st Blogging Streak (1 Jan 2007)
End of 1st Blogging Streak (88 days)
Start of 2nd Blogging Streak (1 July 2007) End of 2nd Blogging Streak (25 days)
Start of 3rd Blogging Streak (1 Jan 2008) End of 3rd Blogging Streak (58 days)
Start of 4th Blogging Streak (30 May 2008) as of 15 October 2008 – 139 days and counting!

Note: The first, second and start of the 3rd blogging streak occurred on my Blogger site. When I imported my blog postings to WordPress, I accidentally imported then all on G.M.T. instead of Pacific time, so when postings were made close to midnight on Blogger, they appear as the wrong date here on WP. Thus, for anything originally posted on Blogger, I take the Blogger date as the correct one for the purposes of determining my streak.

[…] days ago I decided to go on one of my crazy kicks where I try to blog at least once every day1. Previous attempts faltered at 88, 58 and a very, very pathetic 25 days, but this time I’ve somehow been able to […]

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