Not To Be Trusted With Knives

{January 6, 2009}  

From the T-Shirt e-newsletter that was sent out yesterday:

As you may know, T-Shirt Hell opened a sister site called Torsopants last year, that was basically a clothing company geared towards retards and undesirables. Well, Torsopants closed its doors on Dec 23rd and most people didn’t care.

But there were 2 people that were upset (Beth and Steve)…and because EVERY LOSER IN THE WORLD matters to us here at T-Shirt Hell, we’ve decided to bring Torsopants back! That’s right, each week, along with our regular new shirts, we will be adding new Torsopants as well, which will be located in their own section on the site. [emphasis mine]

Um, ya. So I was pretty sure that “Beth” was referring to me.  Because I *did* blog about how upset I was over the demise of Torsopants.  And if you Google Torsopants, I am the sixth hit.  And then I thought that maybe it was just my rampant narcissism kicking in, but then Chris tweeted @ me that he thought that was me, so I’m pretty sure that must be me, right?

So, yeah. T-shirt Hell noticed me.

I am not a loser.

Tod says:

Brilliant marketing.

Raul says:

You are famous 🙂

Beth says:

Totally. Because now I’m blogging about them *again*. And probably so is Steve, whoever Steve might be….

Beth says:

For the record, that “totally” was in reply to Tod’s comment, not Raul’s. Raul and I appear to have been posting at the same time. I mean, I am “totally” famous too, so, um, yeah.

Sarah says:

You are not a loser, but what about a retard or an undesirable? So very loving at torsopants.

Nice save, though! Good work.

Beth says:

I prefer the politically correct term: desirability challenged.

Rebecca says:

Oh good. I wanted to get a t-shirt like yours for a friend of mine, and now, thanks to you, I can!

Kalev says:

You are definitely rampantly narcissistic, that’s for sure.


All hail Beth, Mighty Torsopants Saviour!

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