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{December 17, 2008}   Happy Trevor Linden Day!

Photo_081808_001 by you.

Tonight, the Vancouver Canucks will retire the jersey of Trevor Linden.  Couldn’t happen to a more worthy person!

Tod says:

lol! I saw this in my feed reader and didn’t see who posted it, and thought — I’d better send this to Beth right away!!! LOL!

Sarah says:

Just heard the Canuck signing news — any chance of a Sedin-Sundin-Sedin line? Is your Dad pissed?

Beth says:

Actually, my dad just likes to pretend he’s the play-by-play man for that line. “It’s Sedin to Sundin, back to Sedin over to Sedin… no wait, that was Sundin.. to Sedin, he shoots rebound picked up by Sundin and he scores!!!!!!!!”

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