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{November 28, 2008}   I’m Sick. And Check Out This Video About How Hockey Sticks Are Made!

It seems that every time I go to Ontario, I come back with the plague.  On the day of the pig party, my sister was totally wiped out by a nasty, nasty cold.  Like, so sick that she went to bed immediately after everyone left (about 5:30 p.m.) and slept through ’til the next morning.

Now I appear to have come down with the same thing.  Sore throat1, headache, runny nose, achy sinuses. My apologies to all the people on the bus yesterday when I had a sneezing fit.

So, since I’m not capable of writing anything coherent today, I give you this video: How Hockey Sticks Are Made:

I hadn’t realized how much of the process was done by hand.

1though not as bas as the sore throat I had last month.

Dan says:

Almost Dr. Dan insists that you have several hot totties and perhaps some tylenol sinus. Not together mind you, as I’m sure the mixture probably isn’t good for your liver, kidneys, heart, etc.

Sarah says:

Dude, I feel you. Any time I go on vacation, I get sick. Lately, I have been getting sick DURING the vacation and needing to seek medical care while travelling. Locations have included: Las Vegas, NV and Wellington, NZ.

Get better soon; I will be thinking of you. And avail yourself of cold meds because you can! My only relief when I got sick recently was hot lemon water. Humphead, you’d better appreciate my sacrifice! 🙂

Beth says:

@Sarah – I’ve been rocking the Buckley’s Mixture (probably because it makes me think of Mr. Buckley, our high school physics [or “fizzicks” as we liked to spell it at the time] teacher). But I’ve never really used many cold meds – occasionally Neo-Citran – but I don’t think I’ve tried anything else. Anything you can recommend? I mean, beside the hot totties?

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