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{November 23, 2008}   Pig Party!

Today was the day of my niece’s pig-themed birthday party!


The menu included “pig slop” (a.ka. soup) and pigaroni and cheese.


with a pig-in-the-mud cake for dessert:


The birthday girl blowing out her candles!


And gets to enjoy the pig cupcake!


Happy birthday, little piglet!


Dan says:

I never realized how cool a pig themed party could be!

Beth says:

It’s all Nancy & Jeff with the creativity!

Kalev says:

That’s kinda ridiculously cute. I may have to die from over-cuteness now.

Stacia says:

She is too cute, kind of like thumbalina (is that spelled right?). Glad you got to be there for her birthday!

[…] It seems that every time I go to Ontario, I come back with the plague.  On the day of the pig party, my sister was totally wiped out by a nasty, nasty cold.  Like, so sick that she went to bed […]

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