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{November 22, 2008}   My First Book!

Just received this in the mail the other day1:


That sounds like an interesting book, yes? I mean, who wouldn’t want to read about prenatal alcohol and bone development?

And wait, what is that there?


That author’s name looks awfully familiar, doesn’t it?

Yup, that’s my thesis2, in handy book form!

Back in the summer, this publishing company contacted me about publishing my thesis (which they’d found online). At first I thought it was some sort of scam (like they’d require all my banking account and credit card numbers, my passwords, my PINs, my SIN3 and my first born), but I checked into it and it seemed legit. They are a print-on-demand publisher and if anyone buys it4, I get royalties and I also retain the right to publish up to 80% elsewhere5. You can even buy it from Amazon. For the low, low price of $107.53. Seriously.

1Before I left for my trip. I didn’t have time to blog about it, but did have just enough time to snap the pics.
2Technically, it’s my “doctoral dissertation.” I’ve been given hell for referring to it as a thesis before, but I just can’t bring myself to say “dissertation.” It just sounds so snooty.
3for my non-Canadian readers, that means my “Social Insurance Number.”
4Which I am 99% sure won’t happen.
5And since I’ve already published all of my thesis data in scientific journals, I’m not anticipating being able to re-publish anyway.

Raul says:

Congratulations, Beth! 🙂

Rebecca says:

That’s awesome, congrats!

Kalev says:

Ah but is the copy you have mispaginated and signed by the author? 😛

Beth says:

Nope, there is only one incorrectly paginated version of my thesis. That’s why it sold for so much on eBay!

hendrisagung says:

I just find your blog, that great. Congratulations!
Success… beth.

Dave says:

The reviews are in:

“‘Effects of Fetal Alcohol Exposure on Long Bone Development’ is a page-turner. Put on some comfy pants and call in sick because you will not be able to put this one down.” – New York Times

“M. Elizabeth Snow is an author to watch. Despite the highly technical language, you will find yourself engrossed. When she uses the word ossification, you can practically hear those bones ossify.” – Globe & Mail

“Burn this book! BURN IT” – Rodent Lovers Quarterly

june says:

Hello Beth,

Tod’s shared this blog URL with me – and the wonderful news about the publication of your dissertation. Congratulations!

I look forward to meeting you and congratulating you in person. 😉 June

Congrats Beth… That’s really cool! Something to remember your hard work by, for sure. (sounds like a real page turner 😉

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