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{November 18, 2008}   No Title For You, Blog Posting #937!

I was about to write a blog posting entitled “Can’t Blog. Marking Papers.” But that title seemed eerily familiar to me, so I Googled through my blog and discovered that I’ve already used that same title1.  I’m so original.

Anyway.  I’m pretty beat after a long day of a nutrition symposium + lunch with friends I haven’t seen in ages + Christmas shopping + dinner with Kalev, but I’m trying to get some more papers marked before I go to bed because my poor students have been waiting forever for me to mark their papers.  Because I’ve been spending every waking hour working on a ridiculously large grant application that was due yesterday.  I mean, remember when I sent out this report?  That pile is not even as big as one copy of the grant application I just submitted yesterday.  And I had to submit the original plus FIVE copies.  I was going to take a picture of this behemoth report, but we2 were scrambling to get the final package assembled in time for the FedEx guy3 to pick up, so I didn’t have a chance to run back up to my office to grab my camera. I do have my own copy of the submission, so I’ll snap a pic of that and then you can imagine it x5.  Suffice it to say that it filled up nearly two full boxes – the kind of boxes that you get photocopier paper in (you know, with like 10 packages of paper per box).  So, yeah, I killed a small forest and I hope it results in me getting the grant that we were applying for, so I can still have a job.

And speaking of jobs, I have another one and it requires that I go mark some more papers now!

1Or 3/4 of that title, anyway.
2 We = the four people it took to assemble the damn thing!
3Who we had to ask to give us 10 more minutes to finalize our package.

Kalev says:

Did the 17 catch up with the 7 at the cloverleaf? At Alma?

And you didn’t kill a small forest… the federal government did! Or CIHR, whatever. It is on THEM! THEMMMMMMM!

Beth says:

Oh, I wasn’t expecting it to catch up with the 7 at the Cloverleaf. I knew my only chance was that the 17 would catch up to the 7 at Alma – depends which bus has to stop more along Broadway or 4th. Unfortunately, the 17 bus I was on was stuck at the light at Alma as the 7 pulled away from the Alma & W. 10th stop. So I walked home from there, which is quicker than waiting for the next 7 (even carrying all my Xmas shopping and wearing my uncomfortable shoes).

[…] promised that I’d snap a picture of my copy of the grant application that I just submitted. Because I […]

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