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{November 5, 2008}   Gender Analyzer FAIL

Apparently, I write like a man:

Dave brought this to my attention yesterday.  He thinks that it’s all the “bawdy talk going on” that makes GenderAnalyzer think I’m a dude. I think may have to do with all the talk about hockey.  Although I’m not sure how to reconcile all the talk about the hotness of male hockey players.  Perhaps they think it’s written by a gay man?

Before I got around to actually posting this, I noticed that Gillian had just posted her discovery that she also writes like a man!  I tried a few others, and have to say that this site isn’t very good at predicting the gender of the writer.  It correctly figured out that both Dave and Darren are boys, but it thinks that Tod writes like a girl.  But my favourite one was that GenderAnalyzer thinks that Miss604 is written by a man.  I guess the *Miss* in Miss604 wasn’t a tip off.

Raul says:

Well, it thinks that I write like a man 😛

Raul says:

And For The Record (FTR) I think you write like a woman. A very bright, funny and awesome woman. Just FYI.

Jorge says:

Given your comment on this post, are you really that surprised that it thinks you write like a man?

Dave says:

And you’d think that posting the word Madonna 108 times would also be a tip off. My second theory, besides the bawdy talk, is that you mentioned KISS on your blog, and that’s totally a dude thing to do.

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