Not To Be Trusted With Knives

{October 24, 2008}   The Five Things Meme

After a crazy 9 hour workday where I had way too much actual thinking work to do and not nearly enough time in which to do it, which occurred after staying out until 2:30 a.m. at Shower Power at the Odyssey last night (which is always a good thing to do before a day when you have a tonne of things to get done right?), I came home to discover that Rebecca had tagged me with this meme.  And I’m like “Score! Me no need think for blog tonight! Blog idea be hand-delivered!”  Because apparently grammar goes right out the window when my brain is mush.

So. I’m now supposed to fill in the answers to the headings in this meme:

5 Things I was doing 10 years ago1:

  • Completing the last year of my Honours Biochemistry degree, with a minor in Drama, at McMaster University.
  • Rehearsing my role as Desdemona in a scene from Shakespeare’s Othello in the park with my friend Jen (she was playing Othello)  (see “minor in Drama” above).  And saying “We are practicing Shakespeare in the paaaaark.”
  • Applying to med school and thinking about applying to grad school (see “Honours Biochemistry” major above).
  • Driving my beloved little white 1989 Honda Civic.
  • Watching WWF (the wrestling, not the Wildlife Fund) at Copps Coliseum. No, really.

5 Things on my to-do list today2:

  • Attend a workshop at UBC.
  • Participate in a WebEx meeting with a group of people with whom I am writing a paper.
  • Phone meeting with one of my trainees.
  • Work on my grant application.
  • Cook myself a proper meal.

5 snacks I like:

5 Things I would do it I was3 were a millionaire4:

  • Pay off my student loans.
  • Put a down payment on a house in Vancouver.
  • Travel somewhere outside of North America (which I’ve never done!  Isn’t that pathetic?).  Maybe Ireland?  Somewhere in South America?
  • Buy tickets to the 2010 Olympic hockey gold medal game.
  • Invest. ‘cuz the stock market is always a sure bet, right? 😉

5 Places I’ve Lived in (for various lengths of time)5:

  • My parents’ home in Milton, Ontario (18 years).
  • Moulton Hall Residence at McMaster University. In the Penthouse. (8 months).
  • Apartment6 on Main Street in Hamilton, Ontario (~2 years).
  • Apartment in Burnaby, BC (when I first moved to BC, lived there for about 6 months).
  • Point Grey area of Vancouver, BC (in one basement suite for ~5 years, and now in a different basement suite for the last 2+ years).

5 Jobs I have had:

  • Sessional Faculty, University of British Columbia.
  • Research Assistant, at both McMaster University & UBC.
  • Factory worker, Brake Parts Inc. (I worked on a line with asbestos-filled brake pads that were being cooked in an insanely hot oven.  Graveyard shift.  That was a tough job!7)
  • Telephone operator, Halton Answering Service.  (That was a fun job!)
  • Donut store employees8, Baker’s Dozen Donuts8. (Baking was fun. Servings customers, not so much.)

5 People I tag:

  • Stacia – because she’s pregnant and due any time now, so I’m sure she has nothing better to do than this meme.
  • Almost Dr. Jacks – because she always complains that it’s hard to come up with things to blog about. And it’s not like she has a dissertation to write, post doc apps to compose and job talks to give.
  • Dave – because he doesn’t blog nearly enough and I miss his writing. And it’s not like he needs to fix up his blog template, which he managed to royally fack up.
  • Jorge – because he also doesn’t blog enough and I miss his writing. And it’s not like he has an adorable little daughter that he’d rather spend his time with, like, rather than doing this meme.
  • John McCain. What? He has a blog. I don’t read it, but I’m willing to bet he hasn’t done this meme yet.

1I have to admit, I had to look in my photo album to remember what the heck I was doing 10 years ago. Because I’m old and my memory, she’s not so good.
2These are 5 things that were on my to-do list, that I actually did, since I’m writing this at night.
3Yes, I really am that much of an uppity grammar snob. It’s a problem.
4I’m taking “millioniare” literally here. Meaning that I only have $1 million dollars. But I’m also assuming that that is after tax.
5Now I feel like I have to list the one other place I’ve lived, since I’ve only lived in 6 places and this list just feels so incomplete without it! Apartment on Ontario St. in Milton, Ontario (~2 years).
6Wow, I was just proof-reading this posting and I’d written “apparently” instead of “apartment.” That is, I wrote “Apparently on Main St. in Hamilton, ON.” Because I guess I couldn’t remember those two years?
7On the plus side, I got to work two weeks on day shift and the lunch truck that shows up on day shift rocked. And one time I got to spend my shift painting a picnic table with a hot boy.
8My friend Jody would affectionately refer to me as “the Donut Hut Slut.” Has a nice ring to it, eh?

et cetera