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{October 21, 2008}   “Go To Hell Stephen Harper” Apple Crisp

Tonight I baked a most delicious batch of “Go To Hell Stephen Harper” Apple Crisp:

Fresh baked Go to Hell Stephen Harper Apple Crisp

Fresh baked "Go to Hell Stephen Harper" Apple Crisp.

I got the recipe from my friend Rebecca, who baked (and, I believe, invented?) this delicious delicacy on election night.  In her words:

“Go To Hell Stephen Harper” Apple Crisp is made like normal apple crisp, but with added funding for the arts, social programs, and sensible health care reform 🙂

“Go To Hell Stephen Harper” Apple Crisp is best served warm from the oven with a scoop of “Don’t Vote for John McCain” ice cream.

Krista Lee says:

I *love* apple crisp, and with extra arts funding, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Dan says:

Looks delicious. I like that it’s served without a sweater or cardigan.

Stacia says:

I don’t normally like ice cream, but I’ll take two giant scoops of the “Don’t vote for John McCain” with my “Go to hell Stephen Harper” apple crisp. I love apple crisp. And I voted yesterday (pregnant women get to vote absentee!) and it was NOT for John McCain!!!

Beth says:

You rock, Stacia! So happy when I hear people not voting for John McCain!!

Kalev says:

Don’t forget extra funding for the social sciences! We need more new jargon from sociologists!

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