Not To Be Trusted With Knives

{October 16, 2008}   Unfortunate Truncation

So I’m clearing my browser history before class yesterday, as I was going to be showing my students this YouTube video, given that I was doing a presentation on how to give effective presentations, which is pretty gutsy, if I do say so myself, as you really have to do a kick ass presentation if you are talking about how to do kick ass presentations, and… where was I? Oh yes, I’m clearing my browser history because I think it’s generally a good idea not to put one’s browser up on the big screen in front of 40 students just in case you start typing a URL and then it brings up other websites you’ve been to and maybe you don’t want to be explaining those to said students. Not that I would ever look at any untoward sites.  But I digress.  As I was clearing my browser history, I notice something a little odd on my Delicious toolbar:

It’s actually a link to my site of awesomeness:

But it appears to have been unfortunately truncated.  Anyway, glad I caught that and was able to hide it so that I didn’t go to class and put up “drbethsnow is fucking” on the screen.  ‘cuz that might be awkward.

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