Not To Be Trusted With Knives

{October 14, 2008}   Election Night

Been watching the election coverage all evening.  So depressing.  I mean, I’m trying to look on the bright side – at least it wasn’t a majority for Evil Stephen Harper.  And the polls were pretty clear that the Evil Conservatives were going to form the government, so I don’t know why I was holding out hope that maybe, just maybe, people would come to their senses and vote to keep the Conservatives out.  I don’t want a Conservative government. And neither do most Canadians.  But thanks to our first-past-the-post system, and our splitting of the vote on the left, here we are with something we don’t want.

Other thoughts on tonight’s developments:

  • After spending $300 million on an election, we essentially have the same Parliament.  Sure there was the shifting of a few seats, but we still have an Evil Conservative minority government lead by Evil Stephen Harper.  Evil Harper still can’t do anything without votes from at least one of the other parties.  He claimed to have called an election because Parliament was “broken.”  I’d argue that Parliament is just as “broken” now as it was 300 million election dollars ago.
  • The Conservatives still do not have a candidate in any of Canada’s three biggest cities – Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver.  Leading Peter Mansbridge to ask, ““Are there any David Emersons1 out there for Stephen Harper to pick off?”  Let’s hope not!
  • There’s been lots of talk tonight on Dion’s inability to lead the party. I like Dion – I think he’s intelligent and I think he really does care about the country and about the environment. But I don’t think he can lead the Liberals to win an election. I think the Liberals need to regroup and pick a leader who will resonate with the public.
  • Jack Layton pointed out that, given this minority government, no party has been given the mandate to do anything without agreement from the other parties.  Personally, I don’t think Evil Harper is naturally inclined to compromise.  Apparently, he’s a terrible micromanager and doesn’t even trust anyone on his own team to do anything without him watching over the shoulder, so how is he going to compromise with the other parties?  Not to mention the fact that that Evil Harper is a righty-righty and the other parties are all centre or left of centre.  Is Harper likely to make compromises that will be acceptable to lefties? (Of course, the left parties had been letting Evil Harper continue to rule without making any real compromises up until now).
  • Why did Elizabeth May and Adrienne Carr – the two biggest names in the Green Party – run in ridings against very, very tough competitors (against Peter MacKay and Hedy Fry, respectively)?  Wouldn’t it make more sense to run in ridings where they have a good shot at winning?
  • The voter turnout for this election was the lowest in history.  Roughly half of the population voted. Meaning that roughly half of the population did notvote.  Lame, people. So lame.
  • Ian Hanomansing is hot. I’m just sayin’

1You know how I feel about David Emerson.

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