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{October 10, 2008}   Nice Happy Pretty Things

Due the election and my rising fear of being stuck with another Conservative* government, my blog has been filled with a lot of piss1 and vinegar2 lately.  Plus, I’ve been sick and, thus, whiny.  So I thought that today, you know, for a change of pace, I’d talk about some nice things. Happy things!  Pretty things!

First, check out these beautiful lilies:

When I was home sick on Tuesday, I heard a knock on my door.  It turned out to be my landlords’ daughter, who was stopping by to leave some flowers and groceries for her parents, who were returning the next day from a 17 day cruise to Hawaii3.  “You are actually lucky I’m home,” I said in the Satan-like voice I had that day due to my ridiculously messed up sore throat, “I’m usually not here during the day but I’m home sick today.”  I wasn’t actually saying that for sympathy – I really just felt the need to explain why I was lying on my couch in my PJs on a weekday afternoon.  She went upstairs to put the groceries in the fridge and on her way out she stopped by to give me one of the lilies.  “Here you go,” she said, I thought it would be nice for you to have something that’s pretty and smells nice to make you feel better.”  Isn’t that sweet?

Also, while my landlords were away, I was responsible for watering their plants.  I was kind of freaked out by this, as I am the most useless person when it comes to plants. Seriously, I’ve never had a plant that lived. Ever.  I’ve watered the plants for them when they’ve been away before, but never for 17 days!  I was *sure* that all the plants would perish under my care and my poor landlords would come home to a plant cemetery.  Surprisingly, not only did the plants not die, but one of the African violets, which my landlady lovingly refers to as “my babies”4, bloomed into the most beautiful flowers the day before they got home.  The look on her face when she saw those flowers was thanks enough, but to thank me for watering their flowers, they gave me this:

You know you are jealous!

And finally, because no post about wonderful things would be complete without it: a quotation from my niece.  My niece, like the rest of my family, lives in Toronto.  I, as you know, live in Vancouver.  You know, like, 4000+ km away.  So, my niece says to my sister, “I want to visit Aunt Beth and see her city and her house. But I think I may need to bring a snack. I might get hungry on the way.”

3Holy jealous, Batman!
4Can you see why I was petrified that they would die? Where they = the plants, not the landlords on the cruise. I’m pretty sure Hawaiian cruises are relatively safe.

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