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{October 7, 2008}   Conservative Brochure #2 – Update

As promised, I let the brochure of evil soak in vinegar1 – and not just overnight, but for a full 24 hrs!

And you know what?  It didn’t look much different than before I put it in the vinegar!  But apparently the vinegar did some work on degrading the fibres of evil, of which this brochure is clearly made, as when I picked it up it ripped apart very easily, making it simple to shred into bits and crumple up into this soggy clump of evil:

And that, my friends, is that end of that brochure.

I wonder if they’ll send me another one?

1Oh for the days when I worked in a lab with concentrated acids!

Raul says:

I was somewhat taken aback with the fact that rubbing alcohol didn’t help with the fiber degradation. Shocked that vinegar did. We could have probably distroyed the brochure had we had access to sulphuric acid, don’t you think?

Beth says:

Well the rubbing alcohol, as seen in the video, was poured onto the brochure to set it aflame, whereas the vinegar had 24 hours of soaking time to work on it. And, yeah, sulphuric acid was what I was thinking of when I mentioned the good old lab days. Although I bet glacial acetic acid would have done it too.

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