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{September 22, 2008}   Titles With No Posts

I’m usually pretty terrible at naming things.  But every once in a while a name for something just pops into my head, without the something to go along with it.  Here are some blog posting titles that have landed in my brain, but without a blog posting to go with them:

  • Dr. Bloglove – Or Why You Should Stop Worrying and Love My Blog
  • You’re So Vain, You Probably Think This Blog is About You
  • Shin Splints and Split Infinitives
  • Proactively Multi-tasking Outside the Box
  • It’s my Blog and I’ll Prevaricate if I Want To

I may someday come up with blog postings to go with some of these but, for now, I’ll use this posting as a brain dump for posting-less titles.

Dave says:

I’ve been holding onto Palsied But Ballsy for a while but haven’t yet found a use for it. Probably because I haven’t joined a geriatric sports league yet.

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