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{September 19, 2008}   Happy Birthday, Dr. Raul!
Dr. Beth & Dr. Raul at the Global Metal Preview

Dr. Beth & Dr. Raul at the Global Metal Preview. Photo credit = Raul on Flickr.

Bet you thought I was going to forget to write a Happy Birthday post to you, eh Dr. R? Well, here on NTBTWK, we aren’t interested in breaking news. We prefer to be the last to report on things. It’s part of our1 charm.  So, with one minute left in your birthday, allow me to wish you a happy, happy birthday – and many, many more!

1I have *no* idea why I’m using the plural here, given that I’m the sole owner, editor, content creator, and muse of NTBTWK.
     aYou so *can* be your own muse.

Dan says:

Happy belated birthday Dr. R!

Raul says:

Thanks Dr. Beth! I really appreciate it 😀

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