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{August 26, 2008}   My New Desk

As promised, I now have photos of my cool new desk. And, even better, I have pictures of the various stages of setting up my desk1!

When we left off yesterday, the desk was sitting in the middle of my living room, with its drawers piled up hither and fro, and my computer was sitting on Rubbermaid buckets in the spot where the desk needed to be. After moving the computer and eleventy billion boxes from the place I wanted to put the desk, and then vacuuming2, I was able to move the desk into its rightful place:

IMG_4022 by you.

Desk, with the drawers yet to be put into it.  Note that the desk is so wide that it’s wider than I am tall.

Then I put the drawers back in.  And moved my mega-sized printer on to the desk.  The gigantic printer didn’t fit on my old desk, so I used to have it sitting on my filing cabinet.  This is much better, as the printer is now more out of the way, so I can use the top of the filing cabinet to store things like stationery items that I need to access more regularly.  Stationery items are currently stored on my kitchen table, so needless to say this will be an improvement.

IMG_4024 by you.

Desk, now with drawers. And a gigantic printer.  Note that even with the gigantic printer on it, I can still fit my entire body on the desk.

And, finally, I put the rest of the computer onto the desk:

IMG_4036 by you.

Note that even in the presence of my gigantic computer, mammoth-sized monitor and the computer tower, I can still fit on the desk.

A couple things of note:

  • While my desk looks all nice and tidy, I should point out that I have humongous stacks & boxes of papers to sort through, which aren’t shown in these photos.  I probably don’t really need to keep every draft of all the papers I wrote in grad school, do I?  But seeing as those are intermingled with things that might be important, like tax returns and  gift certificates I keep forgetting to spend, I can’t just throw the whole mess into the recycling like I want to.
  • I noticed while dancing around and arranging my computer, that my next door neighbour has taken to leaving their kitchen blinds open. Their kitchen window being directly across from the window directly behind my desk.  I didn’t see anyone in the kitchen, but I did notice that they have a large number of hockey sticks in said kitchen.
  • I would get a lot more done in an evening if I didn’t spend so much time trying to capture photos to blog about my various activities.

1It’s that kind of value add that keeps you readers coming back, isn’t it?
2It’s not very often I get to vacuum there, since I have no intention of moving a desk to vaccum under it, I figured I should take the opportunity.

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