Not To Be Trusted With Knives

{August 21, 2008}   Sarah is Here! Sarah is Here!

You know you are jealous.

My friend Sarah1 is visiting from Ottawa!  She’s going on an Alaskan cruise with her parents2, so she came into town a couple of days early.  She got in last night and we headed to the Eatery for some Fat Elvi2and veggie sushi rolls.  And since then we’ve been lounging around.

And now we are going to go do some adventurin’.  Hijinx will ensue.  Photos to follow.

1You may remember Sarah from such adventures are “Calgary: The Land that Vegetables Forgot,” various trips (of me to Ottawa or of her to Vancouver) and her role as my personal panic preventor at my Ph.D. defence and as the resident Canadian historian here on NTBTWK.
2So jealous.
3“Elvi,” of course, being the plural of “Elvis.”

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