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{August 19, 2008}   Wanted: Nutrition Ideas

I’m looking for topics in the area of nutrition that would make for good debates (specifically, topics that have good scientific evidence to support both sides of the argument).

So I thought I’d put it out to the blogoverse – any thoughts?  What controversial topics in nutrition would you want to see debated?

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Raul says:

Fad diets – total protein vs. no protein, total carbs vs. no carbs.

Jenn says:

Something with ‘is paying the extra money for organic products worth it from a nutritional standpoint’. I spend the extra money on organic foods and am really not sure that the added benefits are worth the extra costs. Also, along the same lines would be genetically modified foods.

Not sure if that’s what you were looking for:)

Kalev says:

Obviously artificial sweetners.

Dale says:

Is the national food guide valid when it’s been modified because of lobbying from food companies? (Sorry, I don’t have a reference, but I’ve seen this reported on a number of times in print and on TV)

Al says:

The Shangri-La diet

Counter-intuitive but it works

Beth says:

Thanks for all the good ideas, everyone! Keep them coming!

@Al – Are there any studies on this diet published in scientific, peer-reviewed journals? I checked out the website and there aren’t any listed… I need something that has a scientific base.

Jorge says:

The all-wasabi diet vs. the all-watermelon diet.

Beth says:

What about the all-wasabi-flavoured-watermelon diet? This would also cover the “genetically modified foods” issue. 😉

gillicious says:

How about fries vs. caesar salad? I know I have arguments with people over what sides are healthiest when dining out. Also fries vs. yam fries, caesar salad vs. health salad, fries vs. baked potato…

Maybe this is too specific though, or just too lame for whatever you’re doing. It’s just on my mind because I dine out all the time, and I have arguments with friends over this.

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