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{August 19, 2008}   Fun With The Elements
Because you never know when you might need to know the atomic weight of thorium while standing in your kitchen.

Because you never know when you might need to know the atomic weight of thorium while standing in your kitchen.

Looks like my sister is on a roll in getting shout outs her on NTBTWK.  Yesterday it was for bacon band-aids, today it’s for a magnetic periodic table of the elements.  She actually gave me this gift of awesomeness when I was visiting back in June, but I, like the ingrate that I am, forgot it there.  I also forgot my phone charger and am very stoked to have both of these items back now, my sis having mailed them to me.

As you know, I’m a bit of a nerd, and I’ve long had a thing for the periodic table of the elements – I have it on my Palm Pilot, I had a poster of it on my bedroom wall as a kid, and I’m even able to sing several pieces of the Periodic Table of the Elements song1.  And now I have it on my fridge.  You know you are jealous.

And the extra fun thing about this particular set is that every element is its own individual magnet.  So you can rearrange them and spell fun things.  If you are lucky2, like me, you can even spell your name3:

Or other fun words:

And I can’t believe I’ve never noticed this element before:

1But only pieces, because it’s a really hard song to sing!
2Not every letter of the alphabet is available as an elemental symbol. For example, there isn’t a element represented by “T”; for my name I can use “Th”, but if your name has a T that’s not followed by an “i” (Ti = titanium), a “c” (Tc = technetium), an “e” (Te = tellurium), an “a” (Ta = tantalum), an “l” (Tl = thallium), a “b” (Tb = terbium), an “m” (Tm = thulium) or an “h” (Th = thorium), or preceded by a “p” (Pt = platnum), an “a” (At = astatine), an “m” (Mt = meitnerium) or two “u”s (Uut = ununtrium), then you are SOL.
2Alas, there’s no “D” or “Dr”, so I couldn’t do “Dr. Beth Snow.”

Dan says:

I too LOVE the periodic table. I once considered a life as a chemist before taking the mathematical/statistical journey I now enjoy. To be fair, I also considered physics, computer programming and animation. Regardless, the periodic table rocks. A friend recently found this site and I have spent countless hours playing the games found within. My favourite – recalling the periodic elements – all 118 of them.

I’ve managed to learn them all in order. I know, I know – biggest nerd ever. But I don’t care. It’s the freaking periodic table!

Dan says:

Oh, you might also enjoy this channel on youtube:

Sarah says:

That? Is all kinds of wicked. Where did Nancy get it?

Nancy S says:

I purchase 99% of my gifts from
I ❤ Think Geek.

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