Not To Be Trusted With Knives

I snapped the above shot in the dressing room of Turnabout Consignment Store on my cell phone camera.  Yes, that’s an original tag that tells us that (a) someone paid $395 for this dress (you can’t see it in this photo, but it was from Holt Renfrew) and (b) they never wore it (since the original tag was still on the dress).  And, yes, the other tag shows that this very same dress has now been marked down to $21.  That’s 95% off.

Unfortunately for me, the dress was just a bit too small – I couldn’t quite get the zipper done all the way up and as much as I wanted to tell myself “I could lose 5 lbs and fit into this dress,” I have a strict policy of not buying any item of clothing unless I absolutely *love* it and it fits me perfectly right now, not 5 lbs from now.

And even when I love clothes AND they fit me perfectly, I always stop to ask myself if I love them enough to justify the purchase.  “Sure I love this skirt, but do I $40 love this skirt?”

Here are the clothes that I *did* love enough to buy while shopping at the consignment and thrift stores this week.

New Dress, $24 at Turnabout Consignment Store

New Dress, $24 at Turnabout Consignment Store

Tank top $1.29 at Thrift Store; Skirt $5 at Thrift Store

Tank top $1.29 at Thrift Store; Skirt $5 at Thrift Store

Another Look at the Skirt

Another Look at the Skirt. I heart funky hemlines.

$6.99 at Thrift Store. Shirt = $16 at Turnabout Consignment Store

Shirt: $6.99 at Thrift Store. Skirt = $16 at Turnabout Consignment Store

{August 11, 2008}   I HATE wearing my glasses

I know it’s only been 3 days of glasses wearingness, but I have to reiterate that I HATE wearing my glasses.

  • They aren’t the correct prescription, so I have trouble reading things like, say, street signs when I’m on the bus, making figuring out my stop a little challenging.
  • They are kind of scratched up, making them extra hard to see through.
  • They don’t sit properly on my face because the arms are bent, making them crooked, which makes me look even worse than if I were just wearing non-crooked glasses, which is already bad enough.
  • They do not protect my eyes when I cut onions, which I was painfully reminded of this last night when I was cooking dinner.  When I wear contacts, they make me eye-invincible to the painful, tear-producing evil that is chopping onions.  Glasses leave my eyeballs naked and, thus, vulnerable to the onions.
  • They get in the way – you have to take your glasses off when you get dressed. Or brush your hair – but then, of course, you can’t see how your hair looks when you are brushing it!
  • Alternating between my glasses & my prescription sunglasses is a right pain the butt. When I wear contacts, if I’m going in and outdoors repeatedly (such as when I  go window shopping along Broadway), I merely have to put my sunglasses on top of my head when I enter the (relatively) dark store, then pop them down onto my face when I go back in the sunshine.  When I’m wearing glasses, every time I go into a store, I have to reach into my bag, find my glasses’ case, and then swap my sunglasses for my regular glasses. And then vice versa when I leave the store to go back out into the sunshine.  Pain. In. The. Butt.
  • It’s not a problem right now, but I remember from back in my youth, before I first got contacts, that wearing glasses in the winter sucked because your glasses always steam up when you go inside.
  • I don’t look like me in my glasses – I can’t even tell you how many people at the AdHack Launch Party on Friday said, “I didn’t recognize you with your glasses on!”

There is, however, one benefit to wearing glasses: It gives you the opportunity to do the sexy “holding glasses up to your mouth” pose:

Is it time for my laser eye surgery, yet?

et cetera