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{August 5, 2008}   Routine

I have a love-hate relationship with routine.

I hate doing things that have to be done repeatedly. I begrudge folding laundry, because I know I’m just going to have to unfold it to wear it. I loathe washing the dishes, because I know that they are only going to get dirty again. For years I refused to make my bed, knowing that I would inevitably just mess it up when I went to bed the next night. I hate sweeping and vaccuuming and don’t even get me started on dusting!

But I like the sense of peace that having these routine things done brings to my life. I love, at the end of a long day, being able to fall into a well-made bed. I love the calmness I feel when the dishes are all done; I love being able to find the clothes I want to wear because they’ve been folded or hung up where they belong; I love being able to find the partner to a shoe by looking directly next to it on the shoe rack, where the shoes were placed after they were taken off. And I couldn’t have my coffee ready to wake me up each morning if I didn’t go through the routine of grinding the coffee beans and putting the grounds in a filter, the filter in the filter basket and water into the machine EVERY SINGLE NIGHT before bed.

My nighttime routine (ideally) consists of:

  • taking out my contacts
  • washing my face
  • brushing teeth
  • making sure the dishes are all washed
  • checking my calendar to see if I have anything important going on the next morning
  • plugging in my beloved Hermione & Marla to ensure they are charged up for the next day
  • making sure my coffee machine is set up for making my coffee at the touch of a button upon waking in the morning
  • packing my lunch for the next day
  • double checking that my alarm is set for the correct time
  • getting into bed
  • triple checking that my alarm is set for the correct time

And as much as I begrudge doing this every night, I’m very happy in the morning when I wake up to a clean kitchen, freshly made coffee and not having make-up smeared all over my pillowcase because I was too lazy to take it off the night before.

What is your nighttime routine?

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