Not To Be Trusted With Knives

{August 2, 2008}   Dear Cashier

Dear Cashier,

When you hand me back my credit card and my receipt, don’t wrap the receipt around the credit card. (Do you really think I’ll want to put my credit card back into my wallet with the receipt wrapped around it?) Don’t stick the credit card in between the two receipts before you thrust it at me. (Again, I’m only going to have to extract the credit card from in between the receipts to put it into my wallet, so why go out of your way to put the card there to begin with?) And don’t tuck my credit card in between the two items I bought that are stacked on the counter, after I refused your plastic bag. (Seriously, do you honestly think I will make my way home with my credit card stacked between my box of laundry detergent and my chocolate bar?) Just hand me the credit card.



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