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{July 29, 2008}   Buh bye, sweet Scrabulous

As you know, I heart Scrabulous.  So you can imagine my reaction when I saw this Tweet from J.K. Parker this morning:

Sad that Scrabulous is gone from Facebook! 😦

Tanya sent me a link to this article on the Wired website:

The creators of a Scrabble knockoff responsible for countless hours at the online hangout Facebook suspended their word game Tuesday after being hit with a lawsuit, disappointing fans who logged on expecting to make their next moves.

And clareondrey sent me a link to this petition: Hasbro: Don’t Hate, Cooperate!

Yes, copyright laws exist for a reason.
No, we are not anarchists.
Can’t Hasbro work together with the creators of the Scrabulous application?
Pluses: We keep our Scrabulous; Hasbro retains its rights; everybody stays happy!
Minuses: None!
Many of us have learned the joys of Scrabble from this online application. Some people have enhanced their previous love for the game. Reward the Scrabulous makers for this accomplishment – and take over from there!

Oh Scrabulous, remember the good times we had?  How I will miss you.

Kalev says:

It really is stupid Hasbro didn’t just pay them and co-opt it. I mean half a million DAILY users? That would be worth paying for!

Dale says:

I read a web article (sorry, don’t have a URL) last Easter that Hasbro was negotiating with the Scrabulous folks. Appears they couldn’t strike a deal.

Raul says:

I am really really sorry for your loss 🙂

Dan says:

I just read at StartupMeme that Hasbro’s version was hacked and wouldn’t work for several hours. Additionally, their version I guess has not lived up to the standards of Scrabulous.

Personally, I haven’t used either Scrabulous or Scrabble within the facebook universe so I really can’t speak to the differences.

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