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{July 23, 2008}   One video that you should never watch

Once before I presented you with a video that I said you should never, ever watch.  While the video below isn’t nearly as graphic as that one, it does make you want to harikiri yourself.  So really, just don’t watch it.

You’ve been warned.

My favourite line is “we’ll live out our core values.”

talkingtoair says:

I feel for Bono for some reason. eeek.

talkingtoair says:

Actually, it reminds me of Michael from the Office.

Brian says:

In all sincerity, I think this clip is the martifact that best represents the current state of rock and pop music that I can think of…

It’s worse that this guy is actually a good singer. What a waste to have to sing lines like “she’s leading the team in the mid-east”.

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