Not To Be Trusted With Knives

{July 7, 2008}   Happy 7/7!

Although not as exciting as last year’s 7/7/7 date1, today is 7/7.

7/7/8 to be exact. Which just so happens to be my area code2.

And this is my blog posting #779.  I noticed the other day that I was on posting #777, which would have been cool to have posted on 7/7, but I have this crazy idea about wanting to publish at least one blog posting every day3, so it just wasn’t possible.

Today’s blog posting has, paradoxically, been brought to you by the number 104.

1Which, apparently I didn’t think was exciting as the previous year’s 6/6/6
2As I’m not one of the cool kids with their 604s.  And their pants.
3Now at 38 days and counting, btw!.
4Why not 7? Because 7 8 9a, and is currently awaiting trial for the murder.
aProps to Nancy, Jeff & Madeline for introducing me to the good times that is Snacktime!

Kalev says:

Your footnote numbers in this are all screwy. 🙂

Nancy S says:

I think this link to ‘789’ is also worth a mention:

I love the Ladies (the Bare Naked kind that is).

Beth says:

@Kalev – What’s wrong with my footnotes? They look fine on my computer (on Firefox).

@Nancy -Thanks for the link! I like the vampire… and 7’s moustache!

Beth says:

OK, after some behind the scenes emailing, the error has been found and fixed.

author says:

Those damned pants and their kids.

Raul says:

I’m confused.

Beth says:

@Raul – About what?

Raul says:

I just couldn’t understand where the footnotes were screwy. They looked fine to me.

Beth says:

Oh, they were probably fixed before you read the posting. I had two “2” (and no “3”) in-text. I was looking at the footnote numbers at the bottom and couldn’t figure out what was wrong (not realizing it was in-text that had the error). But it’s all good now!

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