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{July 1, 2008}   Happy Canada Day

2008 has been a big year for me in Canadian travels – I visited my first territory! This leaves me with just 2 territories and 3 provinces left to visit to complete my quest to travel all over Canada:

Blue stars = provinces and territories to which I have been.
Red x = provinces and territories to which I have not yet been.

Since I seem to be in the habit of showing beautiful pictures of Canada for Canada Day, here’s this year’s: me at Joffre Lakes from last year’s camping trip.


Merri says:

Wow lovely photo!
How ambitious to travel all over Canada!
I have been to every province but not Newfoundland nor the territories!
You will LOVE Nova Scotia(at least I did!)
Happy Canada day!

Beth says:

I have heard wonderful things about Nova Scotia and the rest of the Atlantic provinces. And my mom was born in N.S., so apparently I have lots of family there. I really need to find an excuse to get out there!

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