Not To Be Trusted With Knives

{June 13, 2008}   Climate Action Dividend

Here in BC, we are each getting a cheque for $100 from the provincial government.  It’s called the “Climate Action Dividend,” and you are supposed to put it towards doing something eco-friendly.  It feels more like a vote-buying scheme to me, ‘cuz really, what can you do with $100?  And I already have travel mugs to use instead of disposable cups, rechargeable batteries, canvas bags to bring my groceries home in instead of plastic bags,  etc. So anyhoo, I’m thinking of putting mine towards my laser eye surgery. I figure that not throwing out a pair of contacts, plus associated packaging, every month, and the packaging for contact lens solution (not to mention the energy costs of producing and transporting those contacts & solution) is eco-friendly, right? I mean, seeing as $100 is not going to buy me that eco-friendly Smart Car I have my eye on.


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