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{May 26, 2008}   She Scores!

Last night we finally won a game in spring league hockey and guess who scored the game winning goal? Go ahead, guess. No really, guess.

If you guessed “Dr. Beth”, give yourself a gold star! We won 8-0 and the first goal was scored in my patented picking-up-the-garbage-off-a-rebound style. We’ve started calling the act of going to the net to wait for the rebound “being in the doctor’s office.”¹

Also scored this weekend were Madonna tickets! Props to my friend Rachel for getting us tix to Madonna’s Oct 30 concert in Vancouver! Yay!

¹And I just checked the league website to see if they counted my goal and it appears that they credited me not only with my own goal, but also with a goal that someone else scored. Because I don’t remember scoring a goal at 15:47 of the 2nd period, but the website says I did. Now I feel kinda bad because someone isn’t getting credited for their goal!

jenn says:

Congrats!!!! And super jealous of the tix. Score on both fronts:)

Raul says:

🙂 Score on the score!

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