Not To Be Trusted With Knives

So I was at my hair stylist’s a little while ago getting my waaaaay overdue cut & colour (hello roots!) and my stylist was *shocked* when I said that I wash my hair everyday (“You wash your hair EVERY DAY???!!”). She was also appalled that I use cheap drug store shampoo instead of salon stuff (“You spend all this money to get nice colour, that cheap stuff will ruin it!”). Of course, I go way too long between hair colourings, so clearly I’m only vain enough to care about my hair colour once every 10 months or so.

My hair is a bit on the oily side, which is especially bad when you have fine hair because even the slightest bit of oil really weighs it down. So, if I don’t wash it every day, it’s all oily and weighed down and yucky looking. “You have to train your hair!” my stylist tells me, “If you wash it every day, it strips the oils and so you produce more oils. If you wash it every other day, it won’t make so much.” Hmm.. sounds plausible, I guess.

She also managed to convince me to buy some fru-fru expensive salon shampoo and conditioner. The explanation goes something like this: sure this costs $50 for 1L, whereas the drug store stuff costs like $10, but the drug store stuff is mostly made of water, so you need to use a ton of it each time. With this stuff, you just need a tiny drop, so the 1L bottle will literally last you a couple of years, whereas you’ll probably have to buy 20 bottles each of shampoo & conditioner in that amount of time. And, to be honest, I’d tried this particular brand¹ at someone else’s house and you really do only use a remarkably tiny amount. When I use drug store conditioner, for example, I need a blob the size of my palm (my hair is particularly knotty), whereas with this stuff I use less than a dime-sized amount to get the same effect. So, I took the plunge and invested almost $100² in a bottle of shampoo & a bottle of conditioner, with the hopes that this actually works out in my favour. I’ll keep ya posted, ‘cuz I’m sure you are all dying to hear updates on my hair care products.

Wow, this is officially my most boring bog post ever.

Oh yeah, nearly forgot: How often do YOU wash your hair? Am I weird for washing my hair everyday?

¹For the record, I have no association whatsoever with this company. Just wanted a pic to put up to brighten up my post.
²Both the shampoo and condition were 20% off.

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