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{May 10, 2008}   Mother’s Day Cards

I wish my mom had my twisted sense of humour, because then I could send her a Mother’s Day card like this one.

Um, ya, this does mean I’m looking at ecards to send my mom for Mother’s Day. Which is tomorrow.

I’m such a delinquent.

Kalev says:

Oh my gods, that’s HILARIOUS! You should totally get her that one–sometimes people surprise us, and sometimes people mellow with age, too.

In other news, if I never hear about Mother’s Day again, I will be happy. 😦

Kalev says:

Oh sorry: by “hear about” I was referring to the commercial blitz about it, coverage in newspapers and all. Not your blog post.

dan says:

Other great ecard sites (I often buy the paper version of these cards because they say what Hallmark can’t):

I haven’t browsed for M.D. cards, but I’m sure there is something equally inappropriate on one of both of these sites.

PS – I know it’s not Christmas, but this is by far my all time favourite Christmas card:

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