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{May 8, 2008}   Veggie Marshmallow Update

These Sweet & Sara veggie marshmallows are the bomb¹.

Since it costs a freaking fortune to have them shipped from the US², I decided that it was high time that I once again emailed the local fru-fru organic grocery stores to tell them that they really, really should carry this product.

One grocery store has, thus far, ignored my email.

The other, at first, told me that “this product is not available in Canada yet.” Hmm, really? Ever heard of a little thing called “importing”? I mean, I know that we hardly do any trade with the USA, so it might be complicated. So I wrote back and informed them that the Sweet & Sara website says that other BC companies stock this product, but just not ones that are in Vancouver and I’d like to be able to get them here (translation: your competition is getting this product). That got their attention and I received not just one, but two, emails informing me that they will be looking into this ASAP.

Lesson learned: squeaky wheel gets the marshmallows.

¹Remember when everyone used to say things they liked were “the bomb”? Ah, those were the days.
²And, since Canada Post has “issues” with bringing them to my house.

This bottle contains eye makeup remover:I keep it on my bathroom counter with my contact lens solution, toothpaste and other items that I use everyday.

This bottle contains astringent, which for the uninitiated is, according to, “a cosmetic that cleans the skin and constricts the pores” and “harshly biting; caustic“:

I keep it in the cupboard under the sink, because I don’t want to mix it up with my eye makeup remover1 and accidentally put this stuff on my eyes. That would hurt.

Guess who accidentally left bottle #2 on the countertop? And guess who came this close to putting astringent in her eyes, where “this close” = raising an astringent-soaked cotton ball to within a few millimeters of her eyelid, before realizing it was not eye makeup remover after all?

1Because they are both blue2 and really, that’s enough of a similarity for me to mix them up, despite the bottles looking completely different.

2Being blue, they both actually match my bathroom tiles3, which I didn’t really notice until I took this picture.

3Also while taking this picture, I noticed that the majority of the products in my bathroom come in blue packages – my hairspray, my antiperspirant, my contact lens solution, my toothpaste, my deep cleansing cream – all blue! Did some marketing person decide that all toiletry packages should be blue? Or do I just gravitate towards, and thus purchase, things packaged in blue?

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