Not To Be Trusted With Knives

{May 6, 2008}  

All the dishes are clean. The laundry is done¹. All pressing emails have been answered.  Tomorrow’s lunch is made and the coffee pot alarm is set to start making my coffee in the morning. I’m going to bed before midnight and so I’ll actually get more than 6 hours sleep tonight.


¹Laundry being “done” in my house means that it’s been through the washing machine and the drier², but not has not been folded; rather, it is stuffed haphazardly into a laundry basket³, where it will stay, day after day, with me shuffling through the basket it to find what I want to wear each day. Ironing, schmironing.
²unless it’s not drier safe, in which case it’s hung up on a door knob/chair back/anything else I can find around the house to hang it from.
³Or left hanging on whatever piece of furniture I decided to hang it on, long after it finished drying.


Kalev says:

Yay well-slept Dr. Beth for tomorrow evening!

Chris says:

It’s like we’re soul mates!

Beth says:

@Chris – Because you also have very low standards of what you consider a “success”?

Chris says:

Pertaining to the footnotes, that is.

Chris says:

You posted your last comment before I refreshed, so that’s also a yes.

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