Not To Be Trusted With Knives

{May 1, 2008}   The tax person cometh

So yesterday was tax day. Hope all y’all did your taxes. I did mine a few weeks ago when I was procrastinating on doing the things that I should have been doing. This is the first year that I had to pay any serious coin to the CRA¹, what with having been a student up until last year, I (a) made no money and (b) had oodles and oodles of education & tuition credits to cover the wee bit of money that I did make. I used up the last of my education & tuition credits and I’ve finally started up an RRSP & made pension contributions so even though I have a big girl job, I’m still getting a refund, which is nice. And which will be put directly towards my student loans so that I can get those paid off sometimes before I retire².

While doing my taxes, I was reminded that I’m something of a pack rat. I’m far better than I used to be (see: the Great Garbage Purge of 2006), but I’m still holding on to a lot of unnecessary stuff, especially papers³. But it is a kind of neat trip down memory lane to discover, for example, that I have my first ever T4 slip. Apparently I made $2406.04 working at the donut store in 1991. I think you only need to keep your tax returns for 7 years, but it’s kinda cool to have my very first T4. Yes, I just said a T4 was cool. I am officially lame.

¹Canada Revenue Agency
²Anyone interested in donating to the “Pay Off Dr. Beth’s Student Loans” fund? I take cash, cheque d PayPal. 😉
³I mean, do I really need to have every paper I cited in my thesis and all other papers I wrote during my PhD, plus those I used to study for comps? Probably not. I think I need to do another purge and focus on getting rid of my unnecessary papers.

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