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{April 26, 2008}   Rejoice, for the exams are marked!

In case you were wondering, I haven’t actually dropped off the face of the earth. The lack of blogging around here has been due to me spending the last several days marking exams. But I am finally, finally, finally done with the marking! Rejoice!

And now that all the students, some of whom apparently read this blog occasionally, have written the exam, I would like to share with you one of my exam questions:

Estimate the daily total energy expenditure of a 38 year old, 220 lb, 6’4” Vancouver Canucks centreman during the hockey season

25 points to the first person who can tell me who the player in that question is!


Kalev says:

I would SOOOOO hate taking your exams… all that hockey shit! 😛

I’ll look up the answer if you give me $25 and not 25 points, though!

Beth says:

No deal. Hockey haters are forbidden from winning points OR money on my blog. =P

Jorge says:

I will go with the safe answer and say: “Probably far too little for someone who gets paid far too much.”

I call that the trivial solution.

Sarah says:

I am going with Trevor Linden. Am I right? I think Naslund is shorter. And younger.

Jorge – I would call that the “Cliché” solution.

Beth says:

Sarah – I am very impressed, you beat the locals on figuring this one out! You win 25 shiny new points. Meaning that the Mac-Mc household is now in possession of 50,120 + 25 = 50,245 points. Which, as of this printing, are completely worthless. But shiny.

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