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{April 23, 2008}   *The* Skirt

The pictures don’t really do it justice, but here is *the* skirt:

The tale of this skirt is one of intrigue and mystery. OK, not really, but it is a tale of social networking, nerdy geeky goodness. And it goes like this:

My freakin cool and totally hot friend Jen sends an email to a bunch of her friends saying she has some clothes she wants to sell –> I buy a skirt –> I Twitter about wearing my new skirt –>@jenmae Twitters:are there pics of this new skirt you can share with us? –> I reply-Twitter: “I will take a picture and it will be blogged!”

Then I start getting Twitter-compliments on my skirt from people who haven’t even seen my skirt!

–> I post pictures of the skirt to Flickr –> blog the skirt [i.e., this posting] –> this blog posting will automatically imported into Facebook & a Tweet will go out about it –> there will (hopefully) be comments about my skirt here, and possibly in Facebook.

Probably far more attention than a skirt should get, really.

And before you ask, yes, I am wearing thigh highs in that picture.

Rachel says:

I love the dual angle…it’s like I’m there!

Raul says:

I love the skirt, as a matter of fact!

Jenn says:

Very hot skirt, you have my full approval.

Ian says:

Nice skirt, and nice legs, too!

Jen says:

Wawwahhh – that’s me crying cause I miss my skirt and which my fat ass still fit in it. But I am pleased as punch that it looks FAB on you!

PS. I think your story could have included how freakin cool and totally hot your friend Jen that sent the email is 😛 Hope the marking is going well!

Beth says:

Jen – I’ve now updated the post about your freaking coolness and total hotness =)

I’m sorry you miss your skirt!

Also, marking sucks!

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