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{April 14, 2008}   Somehow, I don’t think Nonis is really “relieved”

This media release just appeared in my inbox:


The Canucks didn’t make the playoffs and now the heads must roll, and it looks like Nonis was at the top of the head-rolling list.

It will be interesting to see what other moves the Canucks make in the next few months in response to this lackluster season. Over on Darren’s blog he mentions a prospect that is being looked at as a potential linemate for the Sedin twins – Fabian Brunnström. Darren mentions Brunnström’s recently career history and stats, as well as the suitability of Vancouver as a place for this young Swede.  But he neglects one important piece of the analysis that must be undertaken on all new Canucks prospects, especially one that will be playing with the Twins.  Hottie or non-hottie?

My extensive research into the topic comes to the following conclusion: Hottie.


Whew, thanks for clearing that up. I didn’t feel qualified to speculate on his hotness.

Though, could you actually date a man named Fabian? I’m not sure if I could, even if I did play for All Boys United.

Beth says:

The women of Vancouver are collectively in love with a man named Taylor, which everyone knows is a GIRL’S name, so I think we can handle a Fabian.

Kalev says:

I think calling any Canucks season a “lackluster season” is an exercise in redundancy, don’t you? 😛

Taylor is a much sexier name than Fabian, however, because Fabian is far to close to “Fabio,” and seriously, let’s just not go there.

Still, he is hot enough to overcome the negative assocations of his name.

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