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{March 31, 2008}   Fun With Screen Shots

Why does Windows even try to predict how much time is left on your laptop battery? It always fails miserably at it. One minute it will tell you that you have 1 hour of battery life left and 30 seconds later it will tell you have 3 mins. Then it’s 2 hrs and 45 mins. It’s just completely useless.

Case in point, on my recent flight from Edmonton to Vancouver, on my way back from Yellowknife, I was working on my laptop and, because Air Canada sucks as bad as Windows’ ability to predict how much time is left on your laptop battery, the outlet at my so-called Executive Class seat didn’t actually supply any power, so I was working on battery. I get a warning that my battery is low and so I put my cursor over the little battery icon to see how much battery I have left and it shows me this:

Wow! With only 7% of my battery remaining, I can still work for 2 hrs and 58 minutes! Wicked! Best. Battery. Ever.

I also found this amusing:

BlogDesk’s spell check doesn’t recognize “blog” as a word. Awesome.

Dan says:

I would just like to reiterate that Windows is coo coo bananas. And yes, that is the *nice* scientific term.

Granted, I wish my battery could be at a 7% level and have almost 3 hours of power left in it. Indeed, yours seemingly is a battery that just won’t quit – take that ENERGIZER BUNNY.

Kelly says:

I like how blogdesk suggests that, “Oh, maybe when you typed ‘blog’, you really meant ‘clo'” Yes, of course, Clo. Just writing a quick Clo on blogdesk.

Flash says:

Until recently, most email programs didn’t recognize “email” as a word.

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