Not To Be Trusted With Knives

{March 21, 2008}   A Question

Dear girl on the bus with the Paris Hilton gigantic sunglasses and the square-tipped French manicured talons and the frosted pink super shiny lipstick,Do you know that you look like an idiot?


I’ve never felt that square-tipped nails were even remotely attractive, regardless of how hot the female attached to them is. On the other hand, they could possibly replace a slotted screwdriver in a pinch.

jodi says:

She may not know, but the rest of us understand.

I think the short answer to that would be “no”.
Follow up question: did she also have the following accessories: a mini-Chihuahua and a pink diamond-encrusted cell phone?

Beth says:

@Chris – LOL! Slotted screwdriver! ha ha ha ha ha ha!

@Jodi – I’m glad everyone else understands!

@Monica – She did not appear to have any sort of mini-dog and didn’t take out her cell phone, although I have no doubt it was pink and diamond-encrusted. She did have a meathead-looking bf with her though, so perhaps that was her accessory in place of a dog?

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