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{March 16, 2008}   You Know What’s Not Sexy?

A groin injury.  Yup, I’m sitting here icing my groin.  Hot, eh?

Technically a strain of the adductor muscles of the inner, I think this injury is fairly common in hockey, what with all the quick starts and stops and suchlike.  But I’ve never had one before and I have to say it’s not very comfortable.  And it doesn’t help that I recently took my ice packs out of my freezer to make way for a bunch of groceries so I’m having to use a baggy full of actual ice cubes.  And my ziploc baggy keeps coming unzipped somehow, despite the fact that I’m just sitting here and not moving around at all, and so I have a nice wet spot on my inner thigh from the melting ice.  I told you, not sexy.  Fortunately, it seems to be a fairly minor strain, with no swelling or bruising and just a bit of discomfort when I walk, so I’m just going to ice it for the rest of the afternoon and pop a few ibuprofen before tonight’s final.

Oh yeah, so we are in the final!  We fought a hard battle against the 4th place team, the Port Moody Wild, last night and came out with a tie in that game.  This morning we beat the 5th place team, the Curvaceous Canucks, to give us a record of 2-0-1 for the playoffs and a spot in tonight’s final.  We will most likely be playing the team we tied yesterday – they went into their game today at 1-0-1 and were playing the last place team, so I’m pretty sure they’ll have won the game.  It should be over by now, but the score isn’t up on the website… oh wait, I just checked the site again and, although it has no score for that game, it does have the final listed as us vs. the Wild.  And we played our asses of last night so if we want a shot at winning, we need to be on top of our game.  We need to come out flying and play a hard 60 minutes.   We need to give it 110%!  See, I could totally be a pro hockey player – this is the stuff that they always say in pre-game interviews.

Oh, but if I were a pro hockey player, I wouldn’t reveal my injury lest the opposition got wind of it.  I’d say, “Beth experienced a equipment problem” or a “wardrobe malfunction” or something.  I’m pretty sure no one on the Wild reads my blog though, so I should OK.

Darren says:

What you’ve got there is commonly referred to (to my ongoing amusement) as “a bad groin”. Congrats on making it to the final.

gillian says:

I was hoping it was sexy, because I got the same injury two weeks ago, and if it had at least been sexy I would’ve felt better about it.

Actually, I was quite depressed that I got it from weight training and not something more, er, sexy.

Beth says:

@darren Thanks!

@gillian How long did it take to recover? Do you have any tips on treating this? I’m icing it and planning to rest it as much as I can, but anything else I should do? And weight training is *totally* sexy!

todmaffin says:

I just can’t stop thinking about this hilarious bit from Cheers.

The GROIN INJURY bit comes in at 1 min and 40 sec


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