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{February 26, 2008}   Matt for Matt

As was expected, the Canucks did very little at the trade deadline today. The only thing we did was trade one Matt for another Matt1.

Now, as is my custom in the event of a Canucks personnel changes, I give you my in-depth analysis of the trade:

This is Matt Cooke. He was sent to Washington. This is Matt Pettinger. He plays for the Canucks now.

As we can see by having their pictures side-by-side, they are about equal levels of hotness. So it’s a pretty even trade.

Also, Matt Pettinger has 2 goals this season. *I* also have 2 goals this season. So, really, they should have just traded for me.

1But not Matt.

What, no dancing Matt?

I like the in-depth analysis. At least I’m able to follow this line of argumentation. But then, I never did care much for baseball or “foot”ball or whatever…

Kelly says:

BEST trade analysis. I wish more color commentators were funky chicks.

Beth says:

Glad you both liked my in depth analysis. I figure that when you trade a guy who has scored 5 goals for one who has scored 2 goals, their actual ability to play the game isn’t really important. And their level of hotness, therefore, is all that matters.

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