Not To Be Trusted With Knives

{February 26, 2008}   Matt for Matt

As was expected, the Canucks did very little at the trade deadline today. The only thing we did was trade one Matt for another Matt1.

Now, as is my custom in the event of a Canucks personnel changes, I give you my in-depth analysis of the trade:

This is Matt Cooke. He was sent to Washington. This is Matt Pettinger. He plays for the Canucks now.

As we can see by having their pictures side-by-side, they are about equal levels of hotness. So it’s a pretty even trade.

Also, Matt Pettinger has 2 goals this season. *I* also have 2 goals this season. So, really, they should have just traded for me.

1But not Matt.

{February 26, 2008}   Byelection!

And speaking of politics, there is a byelection happening in my riding on March 171. According to this CTV News article, the seat will probably be staying Liberal.

My favourite part of the article was this:

Conservative candidate Deborah Meredith isn’t in Ottawa yet but she’s already refusing requests for interviews.

Oh Tories, how you hate to actually have to talk to the people. Always afraid you’ll put your foot in your mouth. Which, of course, you would.

It went on to say

Her campaign manager, Dan Tidball, said Meredith wanted to “focus” on the local media “and you’re the national media.”

Hmmm…. I have an idea. I’m “local” media – a blogger from this riding. Maybe I should ask her for an interview!

Considered the sixth wealthiest riding in Canada, the west-side Vancouver riding includes posh ocean-view homes and the leafy University of British Columbia.

First of all – I live in the 6th wealthiest riding in Canada?? I knew it was affluent, but yeesh!! Second, they forgot to mention the :”cramped, spider-ridden basement apartments with a view of a whole lot of nothing” when they spoke of the “posh ocean-view homes.”

Also of interest in this byelection is that the candidates from all three of the major parties are female. It got me thinking about the whole debate in the States about whether women should support Hillary Clinton because she’s female. Some feel that women should vote for a vote because women are appallingly unrepresented in government (which is true). Others point out that to vote for someone just because of their sex, regardless of their policies, is, well, sexist (also true). I think that the bigger issue is that we have so few female candidates to begin with. If half of the people running were female, as they should be, we wouldn’t feel this pressure to elect the few that we do have running just to ensure that females are represented in government.

So, here’s the links to the main candidates in my riding (Vancouver Quadra):

The byelection is on March 17 so, if you live in Vancouver Quadra2, get out and vote!

1Unless, of course, the government falls before then. That would rock.
2or Desnethe-Missinippi-Churchill River, Saskatchewan; or Willowdale, Ontario; or Toronto Centre, Ontario, which are also holding byelections that day

et cetera