Not To Be Trusted With Knives

{February 22, 2008}   Next Up: Photocamp!

I’m about to head to the after lunch session – Photocamp.  Back when I got my digital camera, I specifically got one that would allow me to fiddle with all kinds manual settings, as I was under the delusion that I would spend some time learning what all the settings meant so I could take nicer pics.  And, of course, I rarely use anything other than “auto.”  Here’s hoping that Photocamp will teach me something.

And, in honour of Photocamp, here’s a pretty pic, featuring *my boots*, taken by photographer extraordinare, Duane Storey.   Thanks, Duane.

[…] theatre after watching a sneak preview of Young People Fucking1 yesterday and I feel the heel of my super sexy boots slide right out from under me.  And I try to not fall, which only succeeds in extending the […]

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