Not To Be Trusted With Knives

And now in part 2 of my 23 part series, I give you the 2nd Prime Minister of Canada, Alexander Mackenzie. Who I always mix up with William Lyon Mackenzie King, although my extensive research1 suggests they are in no way related.


Name Alexander Mackenzie
Born: January 28, 1822 in Logierait, Scotland
Died: April 17, 1892
Party: Liberal
Held Office: November 7, 1873 – October 9, 1878
Best known for: -creating the Royal Military College & the Supreme Court of Canada-he took power after Sir John A’s government fell in 1873, and then got knocked out by Sir John A who won a majority in 1878
Some Things I Didn’t Know About This P.M. Being very proud of his working class origins, he thrice refused the offer of knighthood and was the only Canadian P.M. not be knighted until Arthur Meighen in took office in 1920. Apparently it was customary to knight Canadian P.M.s

If you are just dying to read more about Alex M.? Check out:

1My “extensive research” may or may not have been me typing “Are Alexander Mackenzie and William Lyon Mackenzie related?” into Google.

Image credit: This image was obtained from the National Archives of Canada, PA-026308 and is in the public domain. Yay public domain!

{February 17, 2008}   Dildos in Texas

So I just saw over on that a federal appeals court has overturned a Texas law banning the sale of sex toys. This video1explains a number of the rules that Texas had about sex toys:

Highlights include:

  • You could buy a dildo, but only as long as you didn’t call it a dildo. You could only have it for “educational purposes” – such as using it to demonstrate how to put on a condom.
  • You could buy a vibrator, but only as long as you didn’t call it it a vibrator. It’s a “personal massager.”
  • You could buy a butt plug. And you could even call it a butt plug because, and I quote: “The anus is not defined as a sexual organ by Texas law. So you can buy whatever you like to go there.”

Which, of course, makes me wonder if they ever sold the baby Jesus butt plug in Texas.

1For some reason, WordPress keeps eating the embed code when I try to embed this video in this posting. Even though I’m sure the code is correct. So, I’ve given up and now all y’all2 will have to click on the link to see the video.
2I said “all y’all” ‘cuz this is blog posting about Texas.

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