Not To Be Trusted With Knives

{February 8, 2008}   Today’s Typos

So, I’ve been listening to a hellava lot of Grammar Girl podcasts lately. I just can’t get enough of her quick & dirty tips for how to annoy one’s friends by correcting their grammar1. I’ve learned when to use “sit” versus “set”, when to use “lay” versus “lie,” and even that it’s OK to end a sentence with a preposition (sometimes)!

And now, in a lovely twist of coincidence4, I’ve come across two typos:

First up is this little card that came with a bookmark that my friend Jenny sent me from Korea as a Christmas present. Who knew that kites were sued? At least this one has the excuse that it’s from Korea, so the person who wrote it probably doesn’t have English as their first language and so can be excused for missing a typo.

This one I noticed while getting coffee the other day. I picked up a pack of Sugar Twin and was surprised that this packet sweetens like 1 teaspoons of sugar. That’s right, 1 teaspoons, plural. Awesome.

1My ex had this friend who would always try to correct people’s grammar and/or facts by saying the word “actually” really loudly at the start of a sentence… as in “ACTUALLY, the sun DOES revolve around the Earth”2. It got to the point that we verbified3 the word “actually,” as in “Uh oh, you just got actuallied!” or “Now he’s actuallying the Royal Shakespeare Society on a fact about Shakespeare.” Sometimes I wonder if I’m that annoying.
2Yeah, he was often wrong when he corrected people, which made it extra funny.
3And we know how Grammar Girl feels about verbification.
4I don’t believe in fate.

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