Not To Be Trusted With Knives

{February 7, 2008}  

I noticed this when I logged into my UBC email the other day:

It was accompanied by an announcement that the amount of storage UBC student1 email accounts were increased from 30 MB to a whopping 120 MB. That’s quadruple the space! Wow, whatever would one do with all that space? I mean, everyone knows that 640K is more than enough for anyone.

And so I couldn’t resist adapting the image to show the UBC account relative to my Gmail account:

I’m just sayin’.

1Faculty accounts were upped to 200 MB a few months ago in a move that prompted me to email my friends and say “Welcome me to 1997!”

Kalev says:

Oh my FUCKING gods… you should TOTALLY send that image to the Faculty mailing list and to everyone whose address at UBC you have!

I cannot believe they can even CONSIDER making a big deal out of that PATHETIC increase! It’s embarrassing and makes them look retarded!

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